Rustic Dining Room Ideas: Feel The Nature In Your Lovely Home

warm feel rustic breakfast nook wooden bench seat black plastic dining chairs hard wood dining table thicker woven area rug Ghomes Info

If you like rustic and want to take it as your theme of home decor, your dining room is the most perfect place to begin. You can feature rustic elements with modern or contemporary style for a trendy & cohesive look. You can also act like an expert that easily mixes and matches your rustic pieces with the contemporary ones. Here we want to share how to do it. Let’s check it out.

rustic dining room woven natural fiber rug mismatching dining chairs wooden dining table traditional chandelier

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Woven rug adds more a rustic element in this space, acts like a charming base for these mismatching chairs and dining table.

simple rustic dining room darker wood dining furniture with white color accent rough textured woven rug

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Still about the woven rug for rustic feel. It’s wonderful if it features darker wood dining furnishings. Use white as the color accent on furniture.

rustic dining space dramatic white drapes rough wooden table shabby white dining chairs rustic style chandelier wooden floors

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Get a dramatic view in your dining room just with such white drapes. The existence of drapes probably brings airy atmosphere, but this rough wooden table really makes a rustic look.

rustic dining room deep blue drapes with white prints wooden dining table wooden dining chairs woven sofa woven area rug

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Add the color accent in your existed rustic dining space. Deep blue drapes with prints instantly create a focal point in room. Both color and print show up a bold window treatment that easily draws the people’s eyes.

modern rustic breakfast nook white round top dining table wooden dining chairs white wood siding walls wood floors pendant with glass lampshade a couple of wall sconces

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It’s creative to combine rustic elements with something bright like white. This breakfast nook, for instance, showcases different color schemes in the same frame. Use the same color schemes for more cohesive final look.

lighter rustic dining room cream dining chairs light wood dining table cream window draperies oversize pendant

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Rustic doesn’t always mean heavy and dark in tone; it could be lighter with softer-finished wood element. With cream, it would be warmer and lighter rustic dining room design. Add an oversize pendant as a room’s statement.

modern rustic dining room black painted dining chairs white round top dining table wood floors white wood siding walls black giant clock

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Be different with black. Accentuate your rustic dining space with black that exactly makes it stands out. Use this dark color for your furniture and some essential accessories like this giant clock.

warm feel rustic breakfast nook wooden bench seat black plastic dining chairs hard wood dining table thicker woven area rug

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Heavy-look but keeps warmer – this is how I’m feeling when figuring out this breakfast nook. It’s okay to use a tricky idea to make your rustic setting visually warmer. Low-lighted industrial pendants effectively help to create this effect. Thick woven rug and hard wood element naturally support that warmth.

semi rustic breakfast nook with green plants and wreath addition

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This is another idea of how to decor a rustic dining room with plant addition. Wreath between the potted plants becomes a centerpiece that visually attracts people’s eyes.

small dining room with rustic style furniture dining furniture set with white legs cage like pendant

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Wooden furniture with white base looks good for modern rustic. Its clean-line and simple design introduce modern touch, but the cage-like pendant offers something classic yet elegant.

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