Rustic Mantel Decor

Fireplace is part of your home architecture building. When it shows off its design, you need add best decoration of it. Two common types of fireplace are modern and classic. Classic fireplace is more related to rustic style which is close to nature. And that rustic fireplace should have rustic decor too. Some ways are available to do if you want to decor your rustic fireplace with rustic mantel decor. It starts from shelf above the fireplace.

When contractor build your home, it will always nice to see fireplace with top shelf but it will look too empty if you can decor it well with mantel decor style. Common things that you can put above your fireplace are candle and frame. Candle will create cool look inside your living room when you turn off your living room light and you start to use the fireplace. Put your family member picture on that frame for creating beautiful memory.

It is also very interesting to decor your fireplace when holiday comes like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or New Year. Decor the fireplace based on great day. You can put Christmas decor like shocks around the fireplace or put some mini trumpet when New Year comes. Don’t forget to keep your fireplace rustic style with those decorations.

Don’t miss about fireplace cover. It can be one of unique element for fireplace if you use awesome design of it. Start to use your fireplace cover not only for covering the fireplace itself, but also supporting decoration tool for your fireplace mantel decor.


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