Good Child Safety Gates For Stairs

Watching your child all day is impossible, especially you have so many things to do in your home. There are several places in your home which is dangerous for your child. One of those places is stairs. Avoiding your child from falling over or climbing on your home stairs, you should install child safety gates. Child safety gates are gates that you must have on both up and down part of the stairs. It will make you feel more relief that your child are save.

Home stairs usually located in your living room near your fireplace. You can prevent your child from hot fireplace and high stairs by installing longer size of child safety gates. There are two commons type of child safety gates, metal and wooden. Those two types are awesome for any stairs type. The most important thing when choosing child safety gates are the gates key. Make sure it is easy to open and close the gates, especially if you often go to second floor of your home to do daily activities.

Another thing that you need to pay attention is sometimes your kids are trying to steady on gates banister and it is easy for them. You can add banister guard to your child safety gates. Banister guard can be installed with plastic or net.

Good child safety gates for stairs should cover your stairs nicely. Each stairs design of each home is not same, so you have to order custom gates when you have unusual stairs design.


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