Elegant Scandinavian Duplex Inspiration

Living in a comfortable place where you can watch your children grow up day by day is a dream for many couples. Rather than purchasing a luxurious and expensive living space, a simple and cozy duplex is a better choice for family-oriented parents. Based on Scandinavian concept, this duplex offers many advantageous aspects. Located in Svenkfast, this two-story apartment looks simple but it does offer calm and elegant feel.

One of the best points why this Scandinavian duplex looks so relaxing is because the natural lights that fills every room. Thanks to the skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows, you can enjoy the sunlight during the day perfectly. Moreover, the domination of white color on the wall and furniture makes the light reflects well and it creates roomy ambience. Besides offering tranquility, the Scandinavian duplex also presents coolness because plentiful flower and plants pots spread all over the duplex just like a typical Swedish house. The indoor plants add beautiful colors to white background and give the residents fresh air.

In the first story of the duplex, you can find an open living room with long beige sofa and white coffee table. The neutral colors of the furniture emphasize the calmness of the duplex. Moreover, the black contemporary fireplace next to the TV brings warmness and inviting atmosphere. Master bedroom, kitchen and dining room are located in the first level, while in the upstairs, you can find home office and lounge space, and a kid’s bedroom. All the room has the same vibes that are calm, simple, fun, and elegant.

reference: freshome.com

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