Scandinavian-Style Home Designs for Simple, Minimalist, and Clean Lines Lovers

Scandinavian playroom for kids soft color chairs with angled wood legs round shaped flat woven rug soft blue basket for animal stuffs Pinterest

As the best Nordic home décor idea, Scandinavian becomes one of most favorite decor ideas for urban style lovers. The design obviously focuses on functionality and minimalism, so it tends to be uncluttered and clean look. In this modern era, this design style is on trend list and many people chooses it due to beautifully minimal look represented by the furniture, interior, exterior, and even decorative item options.  Well, to see more details on what Scandinavian décor looks like, I’ve collected ten best Scandinavian style interiors that definitely will impress you. Let’s check this out.

This stunning home office is simple furnished with modern-industrial furniture set and shelving unit. Each item exposes the natural wood and black metal supporting frame. The design is also so simple and minimal, really showcasing the natural texture and tone of natural wood. The space looks modern with such a beautiful rug. It works perfectly with the whole furniture set.

Light, bright, and airy – this is what I see this living room. It’s genius to choose such a modern and light furniture set, it’s able to support the existing atmosphere; and the wood element here exactly adds more warmth and visual coziness to this living room.

I personally love the wood implementation in this master bedroom; it brings natural vibe and visual warmth to this room. Whites and grays are also perfect scheme selection for such a minimal room.

Just in two tones, this kitchen feels so great and cozy to cook. Designed in modern and minimalist style, the natural wood element has changed into a stunning finish, matching with the concept of interior. White finish here also helps a lot in creating a clean look.

To value the quality of dining room is simply by shifting it into other functional room. This stylish workspace is for example. The furniture set is able to re-use for working furniture set. The table is turned into a stylish and minimal working table. So do the chairs.

There are three elements that actually make the bathroom looks stunning and stylish: natural wood with original texture and color palette, brass finish on shower fixtures, and pink blush tile installation. The combination just created a shooting master bathroom.

Just get more style and elegance simply with black and white, and it’s applicable for your bathroom. This bathroom design, it’s clear that the designer cleverly selects black matte hexagon tiles featuring shimmering white tiles for the color highlight, obviously creating a beautiful contrast in this bathroom. White bathroom fixtures add more the value to the bathroom. They give modern look to the bathroom.

So minimalist, merely finished in light-toned brass, the chairs really represent the real Scandinavian-style furniture. Based on the physical design, the chairs are recommended for Scandinavian dining room and outdoor sitting areas like front porch, patio, or even small entrance area.

Scandinavian playroom for kids soft color chairs with angled wood legs round shaped flat woven rug soft blue basket for animal stuffs


Help to create the coziest sleeping space for your kids by choosing the most stylish Scandinavian style as the décor idea. The space is simply in light and airy accentuated with small wall stickers and some ornate shelving units. For the furniture option, it’s better to shop the tapered-leg furniture set supported with round flat woven rug and ornate basket for kids’ stuffs.

What a fancy! Having such a beautiful bedroom design is all kids’ dream. I love the bed frame plus its cover; it’s a tent-like that can help me to feel the real adventurous setting of place. The difference is merely on the cozy bedding where I can get relaxed and curl up my body.

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