Searching For Best Vintage Decors for Your Eclectic Home? Just Grab These Urban Outfitters’ Products And Wait for The Surprise!

Mali inspired hanging art made of cotton with black mud triangle prints Urban Outfitters

Vintage home is a successful comeback and today it has much moment to spread out in all around the world. Vintage decors are about the unique designs, fabrics, and textiles that create the curated look. Old-school but still stylish & trendy; that’s vintage decor.

Well, if you’re interested in re-decorating your home for an eclectic look, start searching now and make this reference as your inspiration. The followings are best vintage decor products I’ve collected from the most popular vintage shop, Urban Outfitters. Just grab them fast.

What an awesome chair! This old-school chair is inspired by 1960’s furnishings. The structure is so simple, consisting of a wooden back and seat. Metal bars are framing the whole structure.

A vintage folding chair. It’s originally from Czech Republic and truly precious in 1960’s. The construction is sturdy and flexibly folded when we don’t want to use it.

Creative throw – this is made of reclaimed denim with characterful texture and tone. A best recommendation for a vintage seat’s complement.

This is another vintage throw but this one is covered with linen. This pillowcase has tie closure for an accent. About the color choices, they’re so poppy.

For a cheerful, poppy, and absolutely sunny look, this fabric pillowcase is so recommended for you. The product has bleached effect. It’s easily becoming a decorative item just with its sun-washed patterns. Just feel the texture that’s soft and weaving due to its material (quilts), so you’ll get extra comfort when touching it.

Mali-inspired handwoven product. The textile is accentuated with mud prints made traditionally. Triangle patterns are made in black to make them contrasted with the color background, broken white. As a multi-use textile, you can make it as a furniture cover (like a table runner) or just a vintage hanging art. Interesting!


A decorative basket in vintage style. We get a bit Bohemian here and this product is woven manually. With spiral woven shape, this basket is designed in shallow surface – making it perfect for your books, throw blankets, candies, or accessories.

W. Knight’s masterpiece, an abstract painting that features a textured pastel color background. Its metal frame successfully makes this artwork shiny & precious.

This is a creative bowl made of woven telephone cables. Look at the color; it’s so vividly striking with lightning accents for a vibrant look. The patterns are visually spiral – so dizzy but aesthetic.

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