Select and Remove What’s Outdated and What’s Indated Decor Trend with These Ideas

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When we’re talking about the timeless style of home decorating idea, those with classic-style decor will be challenged to swipe out some outdated pieces or concepts to get the trendiest look. One day minimalist is the best, but the day after it sounds boring, for example. This situation then triggers us to look for what the best style for a homey living space, and it finally lets us trying to pick up the style that’s going to be updated right now. One of simplest way is by removing some pieces of interior, theme or concept, tone, and even style to get the trendiest look in home.

Today, we’re gonna share some tips how to start leaving the outdated pieces or something, and replace them with the latest trend. Here, we do collaboration with some interior designers to share thoughts of what’s updated and what’s outdated today.

Maybe you ever hear about the coastal-style home decor which is commonly minimalist in look and dominated by barely white. Yes, it clean-look and simple, but it’s boring without colors and patterns. For some people, all-white decor never feels like homey; and yes it’s true that this idea greatly hurts the aesthetic.

Solution: add a little modern glam with the color or pattern. Both color and pattern surely add character and attractive look. They also give the warmth beating off the flatness of minimalism. Just do experiment the pattern or color, or even add the texture.

Still about the color and texture. What about those which love white walls or in-white decor? As noted, it may decorate the rooms in white but it doesn’t mean to use the same color hue. You can add a little layer of colors or textures. Or just mix the style and color to let go off the monotone look. Reflective visual effects created by the mirror, lighting, or some artful pieces where you can add the color and texture, for instance, probably becomes the best answer. Some designers also recommend antique brass, metal, or stainless steel for darker shades.

Industrial style like this industrial kitchen might be outdated. The exposed metal finishings found in most kitchen appliances aren’t special now.

I personally prefer to get off all metal finishing to keep the space modern and clean. For exposing the beauty of nature going be popular right now, I love to add wood-finishing interior pieces like furniture or kitchenware.

The wall with single statement (like wallpaper) is outdated, said most designers. Sometimes it’s impressing but it’s also tired if we have it most often.

Try out the textured wall instead of wallpaper. Subtle texture on walls visually adds direct interest. With this, you don’t need to add more decorative items on your walls.

White-washed interior with bright pop of colors are also stated as the outdated choice. It has been done many times. People may expect the fresh and fun look, but it’s better to add a small portion of bright color and print (just combine them) to get lively and more inviting look.

Midcentury modern style sounds to be ‘wow’ factor today, but actually it’s getting outdated recently. One of our designers, Alexander, says that she really adores the style but he think the latest trend goes further right now.

Then, what’s the replacement? Alexander has a brilliant idea; she likes to use a variety. She will blend custom, contemporary, and even vintage furnishing pieces & accessories into one space. This idea could create the rich and complex texture, dimension, and tone.

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