Shelf over Bed: Pros and Cons

There are a lot of things you can do with the vacant space over your bed. One of the greatest ideas is by installing a shelf over bed. The shelf installation will add special interest for the bed. Moreover, it looks so attractive after being beautified with any decorative items like wall lighting fixtures near your shelf. Both bed with headboard and bed without headboard will be more attractive and functional after being added a shelf above the bed.

A shelf over bed brings more pros and cons to install. This space-saving storage idea, for instance, is the first benefit if you have such great storage idea. By installing this type of shelf, you don’t need more space to place it. You just need an empty space over your bed as the most strategic spot to install the shelf. Second benefit is that a shelf over bed creates a cozy feel on top of bed.

Third benefit, a shelf above the bed is compact, cute, and perfect spot for organizing small decorative plants. Other items which are commonly organized on this shelf are books, picture frames, and other small decorative pieces. Next benefit of installing a shelf above the bed is the shelf will become the contrast object to the wall hue applied on. And the last benefit, if your bed has a headboard, you can use similar type of wood to build your shelf. This creates a good look, especially the headboard and shelf themselves since they are made from similar materials and finishing.

Then, what are the cons? A shelf over bed is more prone to earthquake, so it is bad idea to install in homes with earthquake-prone locations. Another weakness of installing such shelf is you might do extra cleaning of dusts covering all parts of shelf and items organized on it. Dusts accumulating on shelf and objects can be so close to your head when you are sleeping. It will be better if you clean the dust up routinely to minimize the dusts. Well, we have displayed some samples of shelf over bed in our gallery. Just visit it if you want to see more ideas of floating shelf above the bed.


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