Kinds of Shelves hanging Plants Decoration Idea

Do you like to keep plants at home? If you do, you should need to put them on a shelf. This shelf is mostly hanged near a window. There are some many design of shelves hanging plants for home decoration. In this case, the writer would like to share about some creative concept of shelves hanging plants.

Let us take one example from the pictures, there is nice small plant shelves with modern design. This shelf for plants showed in the picture has such nice glass surface design with small plants on it. It has four levels and this shelf is special for small planter boxes. We can say that it is a indoor shelf concept. However, there is other concept of shelf hanging plant which is built outdoor. This shelf showed in the picture has simple design with wooden design. It is like a board which has holes for planter boxes place.

Or you may like to plant some vegetables inside the house, so in this case you need a simple plant shelf with small wooden concept. As you can in the picture, there is a small shelf with many various vegetables planted on small pots. This plant shelf has three levels and has shape like ladder case design. You just can put some small pants there not the big one. There is another concept which has wonderful simple design. This shelf concept has single shelf with hanging system. So, you can put two pots on the shelf, and you can add three more hanged under the shelf.


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