Shower without Door, How to Make It Stands Out

Shower without door is often chosen by some people who want to have different experience of bathing in outdoor shower or those needing easy access to their shower space. Sometimes a doorless shower space provides something exhilarating for the owners. Surely everyday will be fun showering experience if your doorless shower always looks stylish and stand-out. Here we share some tips of how to make a shower without door keeps stand-out.

First, keep the placement just in your mind. Door and curtain serve crucial purpose. Both keep the water from splashing out and soaking the carpet or upholstered furniture. You can keep on using the curtains for your doorless shower space as the optional cover when you desire to use them. Second, consider your showerhead. Shower without door commonly uses overhead type for showerhead because it streams the water from the top to base straightly.

Third, also consider the drainage. The shower floors need to design with the angle directing toward to the drain. The water streaming then will be directed to drainage system. To assist in draining instantly, installing two or three drains are well recommended.

Last, there are still other options of shower designs. If you have a plan of remodeling your old shower space into a shower without door, but unfortunately you are not preparing it for full remodeling, a frameless shower door is good for you. Although you have a barrier in your shower space, at least a frameless and transparent glass door help to trick the eyes. At glance, your frameless glass door shower space looks like doorless shower space. Let’s try it out.


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