A House on Sillicon Valley Exhibits Stunning Ideas

Everyone that experiences the feeling of being stacked in the middle of crowd people will always has the same expectation. Yeah, escaping from the town is a wise idea even just to waste the weekends. Having a hammock camp in the middle of a forest is a nice idea to spell your fatigue and boredom. Not the forest that you can see in the television or even map, but you can make your own forest around the house. fortunately, a house in Sillicon Valley shows you how to exhibit stunning green ideas into your house!

This is not that luxurious house design with plenty of sophisticated furniture added inside the vibe. It is also not that large house design that offers you spacious room to hang out with friends or family. But, it is a small house that provides you fresh air to breath from the bamboo cluster on the yard and also some big trees. It is also the house that pampers you with all the minimalist idea brought into it!

It is a bit hovering on the air once half of the building is stacked on a hill with rocky ground. The open plan says how the owner is truly wanting a house with energy saving feature. Besides, it is also the way the designer lets the occupant to always enjoy the outside view anytime they want.

Minimal lighting is truly an eco-friendly character that you must apply if one day you get the same house design, and setting a special spot in the interior for you and friends to hang out is also nice!

Reference: thingstodo.expedia.com

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