Creative and Simple Wedding Gifts That Will Inspire You!

When one of your friends or families is going to get married, giving a wedding gift is a simple thing that you can give for the couples. Yet, you often feel confused about what gift that you want to give. If it happens to you, you can follow the simple tips in this article to find out simple wedding gifts that you can give to your friends.

However, a great wedding gift is not always luxurious and expensive. However, you can give a simple and cheap thing but it is unforgettable for the couples. The key is that you need to be creative in choosing and wrapping the gift. Here are the examples of simple wedding gifts which are inexpensive but creative!

The first idea is that you can give the bride and groom a plant where they can grow together. Yeah, you can put it on a cute glass pot and write a sweet caption about them on a piece of paper. In this case, you can write “let love bloom”. Is it romantic? The positive sides of giving this gift is that the price is cheap and it is unique.

Then, a beautiful ceramic craft is also a good option as the couple can display it in their new house. As you can see in the picture, you can buy a ceramic art of bride with flowers on its dress! It is so mesmerizing!

Then, a set of glass jar is also lovely. You can put the name of the bride on its glass and you can fill it with some fruits, candies and so on.

Well, you can also give them a photo frame which filled with their photos or a sweet caption. For example, you can put their name and give an illustration about their first meeting or marriage.


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