Single Storey Home Designs Which Are Flooded with Luxury

What kind of house design that you prefer the most? I know that sometimes people expectation is always different. Anyway, if you live in a two storey house design, it doesn’t mean that you love it because you build depends on the need and also the condition. If you do have large space, it is free for you to own any kind of retreat. Fortunately, here I will exhibit several single storey house design that look luxurious from the front to the back? Are you interested?

Let’s start from the most unique one! Yeah, it is a unique house design with beige wooden siding and of course glass enclosure to bring the open concept. It is visible from the architectural design that the house is sophisticated together with the pool aside. What do you think about the sloping canopy in the frontside?

The next idea is not that unique, but its luxury is undeniable. Reddish brick wall and white combination brings to the look of posh and lavish style. in addition, the glorious lighting becomes the most enchanting effect that you must follow!

Further, to indulge yourself with luxurious long swimming pool is not that far is you live in a house with stunning pool extension to the backyard. Yeah, it is designed perfectly to draw the position from the living space. Awesome!

Then, with super large outdoor paved living space, you are even allowed to held a party like cocktail and soon. Thanks to the obscure nuance that opts the expected classy atmosphere.


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