Sitting Area Inspirations Where You Can Chill Out

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Whether you live in one room studio or three or four-bedroom home, there is one room you love the most to relax and to spend the lazy time during your off-job days, and it is not a bedroom, but a sitting corner where you can get full time with your most favorite things like books, Netflix movies, or series. Sometimes you just need a small gathering with the loved ones while enjoying your morning tea. This spot of course needs to be cozy and warm and you can do a little hack to make the space fully cozy as you want. Well, today I’ve shared the coziest sitting areas I recommend to you. Hopefully, all ideas can inspire you and adoptable for your existing home.

It’s just simple to feel huge coziness in your home. Some people just need such a comfy armchair plus a simple side table and a floor lamp. A bookshelf addition sounds be better. To keep your feet much cozier, just cover the steeping area with such a woolly sheepskin rug.

Or just try furnishing your most favorite corner with this stylish floor cushion by Urban Outfitters. Finished in dark blue, this floor cushion looks stunning, completely acting like a direct focal point in this room. Light-tone area rug with geometric patterns goes well with all existing furniture.

Reema floor cushion is a double-functional item; it can be a cozy floor cushion as well as a squishy mattress. When it’s used as a mattress, the folded part can be a pillow or a backrest, and this part can be extended when needed. Interesting and practical.

This one looks more masculine and simpler. Based on the color scheme, the sofa is calmer and represents men’s character commonly expressed as simple and neutral-scheme individuals, but the designer puts an ornate ladder rack rightly beside the sofa for an accent as well as a functional piece.

Amazing reading corner. I really love the chair and its footrest; they’re totally stunning and quickly attract me. Pigmented yellow is chosen to create bold and textural look, and the sofa delivers these values very well.

What a dreamy! A semi-outdoor dining space with a vivid tree as the corner ornament. This spot is amazing because it offers a big-party dining space as well as a cozy spot to drink your coffee with your lovely friends. The mix chairs here give you more options of seat you want to settle in.

Fantastic corner with coolest furniture. I’m imaging that I have one in my own house and it would be perfect for me because I will spend my time to gather with my friends, families, or even my clients in such a fabulous place. The shabby concrete wall featuring worn white brick wall make the space looks messy but artsy. Look at the furniture choice; their casual design create build the warm and inviting seats.

The space is highlighted with black and white walls in the different wall panels; this idea is genius as it creates a beautiful contrast. It’s clever to put the white sofa with the black wall as the background, while the dark director chair with white wall as the backdrop. The woven elements like the pouffes and area rug also give special texture and earthy tone to this sitting area.

If you’re looking for a cool and trendy space to chill in, this café-inspired interior might fit your choice. Designed in modern-minimalist industrial, the whole interior clearly exposes unfinished concrete walls and wooden floors. From this, we see the opposite character brought by these basic materials, natural wood and concrete. It’s like a YinYang that’s making a good balance. And the furniture is also inviting; they’re using sustainable materials and designed in clean lines-modern look.

And this is the most favorite one, personally. I love light, bright, and airy space where my eyes feel cozy. Even, there is a wall panel intentionally built in beautifully shabby finish that showcases the rough texture and worn look. This wall panel is visually a good choice as the background for all furniture.

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