Skinny Side Table Appears to Save the Space without Lacking of Style

What kind of table that you have at home? Of course, you have so many types of table including coffee table, side table, and table and also dining table. From those tables, I wanna discuss side table and give you such unique breakthrough of having a stylish side table at home. Have you ever thought about having a skinny side table? If you haven’t, then you must look at some wonderful designs below!

The very first interesting design is the one which is refined from old presser machine. Yeah, it brings the spirit of sustainable interior, so it spends the waste stuff to make another new, and this yellow refined beam looks wonderful to support the wooden top!

Further, to complete your scandinavian interior design, a set of dull white and navy blue wooden skinny side tables are the best furniture ever. They appear in soft color that will match the vintage nuance of the room.

The next design comes with the joy of retro style. It is perfectly bathed with turquoise color for the wooden top, and the legs are naturally made of wood. The design showcases vintage appeal, and the color is truly retro, so this table is a compact package for your interior!

Stealing the waste of black pipe iron in the ware house, it is the skinny side table with wooden top that best suits the idea. the black iron pipe is used for the legs that are extended from the frame.

For flexible design, a folding wooden skinny side table appears in vintage look! Are you interested?


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