Tips for Window Covering for Sliding Glass Door

It can be quite a challenge to select window covering for sliding glass door since people usually do not want to hide the function of the door. There are a few of simple tips when working on treatments for your sliding door. To support the door usefulness, you can use tiebacks to push aside the fixed panels particularly the door-handle side. The second tip is increasing top treatments to be sufficiently high above the door frame to avoid the hem from brush heading when passing through. The next tip is keeping hanging curtain panels clean by hanging them that a bit above the floor.

Sheer panels can be good options for window covering for sliding glass door. Simple sheer panels pair moves effortlessly and is capable to filter incoming light which at the same time preserves a favorite feature of sliding door. With various available colors and pattern in the market, there will be no trouble in finding great sheers that will match any house decoration style. Another consideration when choosing window covering for sliding glass door is making sure you avoid weighing down an windy look with heavy wood or metal rod. Subtle cable hanging system which will support the panels with simple ring is a great solution to this problem.

For constantly used sliding door you can go for purely decorative window covering such as side-mounted panels which do not move. The rods can be installed at 12 inches above the door’s frame top which can be a useful design tip adding height to a low ceiling. To enhance artistic value to your sliding door you better choose bold color and pattern window coverings. They will for sure increasing the aesthetic side of your entire room as well.


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