Slipcover for Sectional Sofas: Decorative and Protective Purposes

There are always many ways to make a room more attractive, comfortable, and stylish. A living room, as the center of home where we used to say welcome to our guests or relatives coming from far place, should look inviting. How come? Making over the furniture is a real answer. If you have sectional sofas in your living room, coat them with slipcover for sectional sofas. Just by adding such cover, the old sectional sofas will exactly look more attractive than before. This is an instant way to create an attractive accent for your living room.

You can make slipcover for sectional sofas by yourself. You can do trial till get the best. You just need a sheet of fabric that will be used as the slipcover. It’s optional if you want to use patterned fabric sheet or no-pattern fabric sheet. But make sure to create slipcover that fits your living room decor and theme. This is really important in order to prevent such messy room decor.

After deciding and selecting fabric sheet for covering your sectional sofas, next is choose the model of slipcover for sectional sofas. Models for slipcover are grouped in three options: form fit/ stretch, oversized fit, and relaxed fit. Stretch or form fit slipcover model follows the shape of sectional sofa. Oversized fit model is characterized from remaining the sheet at the bottom of sectional. This bottom sheet becomes the main accent for sectional itself.

Don’t just focus on slipcover, but pay attention to the whole living room decor. It may less interesting of you just add slipcover to your sectional sofas without completing them with any chic decorative pieces. Some throw pillows with beautiful colors may add value to your living room. Why don’t you try that? Just move and do good change to your living room.


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