Perfect Small Bathtubs With Shower Inspirations

Someone loves to take a bath with shower, but the other will prefer to choose bathtub to get more relax bath time. Shower and bathtub are your option. You can choose to have shower or bathtub only, or even both inside your bathroom. If you choose both of them, you need to get awesome architecture design, especially when you have no more bathroom space. Don’t worry, here are some tips to make small bathtubs with shower in your bathroom.

Corner bathtub Will Save Your Bathroom Space

Small bathtubs don’t mean it is really small in size. If you can lie down your feet straight inside it, it is bet enough. Combining bathtub with shower has many ways. First way is using your bathroom corner area. Corner bathtub will save your bathroom space and surely it will easier to install the shower on the wall. It is not only corner area, you can put the bathtub in wall mounted way which is attaching it on your bathroom wall.

Addition for small bathtubs with shower can have two things, shower glass door or shower curtains. Even your bathtub is small, you still need to decor it as elegant as possible with those things. Absolutely if you want to have shower curtain, you have to prepare the curtain rod too.

It will be nice thing clearly when you have large bathroom space, but small space of bathroom can be a great space if you know how to design it cleverly. Small bathtubs is one of thousands way for creating nice interior design of bathroom.

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