Small Energy Efficient Home Designs

Small energy efficient home designs are the best solution for today because there are many residential buildings using immense energy to empower and to support daily energy needs. In fact, the use of energy in immense volume is potentially negative impact to environment. Few people, then, realize that they should build low or even zero energy-use to pursue health environment.

Small energy efficient home designs are constructed in special details. The designs have special characteristics. Large windows and doors, for instance, are intended to make home cooler naturally without using air conditioner. Large skylight is also often found in a zero-energy home. The skylight allows natural lights enter the room and warm up the room and surroundings. Also, skylight is used as natural lighting source for room at day, so there is no reason for you to turn on the lighting in a darker room at day.

Wood or timber materials applied as the part of interior and exterior of small energy efficient home designs help to create the natural warmth so you do not required wasting the energy to turn on your room heater.

There is still one more special characteristic of small energy efficient home designs; higher ceiling is often discovered at low or zero-energy homes. Such ceiling model lets air circulation flows optimally through the air ventilations that are usually built in every corner of high-wall system. Take a look the following small energy efficient home designs and they may inspire you to build the same low energy-use homes.


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