Small Lot House Plan Idea – Modern Sustainable Home

Now, the spirit of keeping the environment healthy is going to be triggered more. Many people start to reuse their stuff like fabric bag rather than using plastic bag. In addition, to save the energy, sustainable house becomes popular as it offers smart design with natural light to limit the use of electricity. Going with the same spirit, some small lot house plans are designed with open concept. Here you can look at the pictures!

It is a single home nest with blue mouantainous background, and the surrounding is just like the garden as the plants are growing naturally. This is a two storey home design with wooden staircase leading to the rooftop. Great combination of black and white siding opts the nuance of open plan applied to the design.

Another design appears in the same open plan concept, and it is quite smaller with two storey as well. The interior is well displayed through the large glass siding bordering the outdoor and indoor. Gray painted wall is chosen to match the four season tone, and winter will always be a warm season to stay at home!

Another small lot house plan offers you such unique hovering vibe in one side of the home wrapped in black tone. It is truly an open plan home design with only small side which is covered with concrete siding. Overlooking the neighborhood is best from the upper space!

Then, an architectural small lot house plan appears in very tall and slim design. It isa four storey house plan with full open plan to mesmerize the outdoor view with different angle from each floor. Awesome!


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