Small Swimming Pool Design for Your Lovely House

Swimming pool is a great place to escape especially when you are in a very bad mood. Therefore, it is very important to include swimming pool in your project when you are planning to decorate your house. Swimming pool is not always designed in a large style so that you can maximize the use of available space. You can create a small swimming pool that is simple and elegant depends on your own style.

There are three different small swimming pools style you can choose such as bathroom pool, corner pool, and pond pool. Bathroom pool has a compact size between 10 foot long and you can decorate it with a simple white-tiled base. If you have more space, you can add spa feeling by designing bathroom pool with rectangular shape. As for corner pool, you can simply renovate your mini corner into small pool that can be a private gateway to reach your fresh feeling. You can design the pool with pale aqua tale and combine it with small ladder. Don’t forget to place mini lounge chairs if you want to turn your pale skin into a gorgeous tan skin.

If the size is your main concern, you can try to choose lap pool which is designed in a long area. This pool is usually built near a fence because the rectangle shape will enable you to have larger area of swimming activity. The pool is designed with blue floor and brick deck to create more exotic tropical scene. Overall, small swimming pool will help you to have different atmosphere especially when you need to rest your body,


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