Small Standing Desk Benefits

Small standing desk is a small desk which is constructed for reading, writing, or drawing while sitting or standing up on a higher stool. Actually, this kind of standing desk has little difference with regular standing desk. The difference is only on the size or dimension. In late 18th and early 19th, a standing desk becomes more popular in offices and private houses. Its popularity appears due to its health benefits.

According to health researches, there are a lot of small standing desk benefits, especially for the health. One of the benefits is a standing desk can increase energy and reduce the fatigue. Sitting for a long time at your computer desk is painful and boring. Almost more than 8 hours, you have to take a seat while working. Just imagine that after around 30 minutes in seating position, you start to feel the cramp and the blood moves so slowly. As the effect, you are feeling uncomfortable and restless.

Sitting for long period of time also leads obesity, lower rate of HDL, and metabolic rate reduction. The body only can burn one calorie in one minute. It will be different if you start to change your working position. Change your working position between sitting and standing during working. Now, many standing desks are designed in adjustable version to meet the flexible use. By an adjustable standing desk, you can enjoy working in standing position then you can add a higher legs chair to be used as seating when you’re feeling tired after standing for a long time.

A small standing desk not merely offers the benefits for our health, but it also becomes a great solution for you who have limited space in your office home/ office. The size lets you to have larger space and comfortable look. Small standing desks are made from various materials. Wide ranges of designs are displayed in the market. So, for you who are looking for the best and perfect small standing desk, just check it out in the nearest office furniture outlets.


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