Small Upholstered Bench: An Instant Seating Addition Idea

Sometimes we need additional seats for living room, dining room, or other conversation rooms for special occasions like cocktail party, indoor BBQ party, garden party, or just an ordinary moment when we have more guests visiting us. The ottomans are often used to cover such matter, but you have another reference of furniture that can give you extra seating in your living room or another conversation room. That’s correct! You can use small upholstered bench as your new additional seating.

Small upholstered bench varies in design. X base-leg benches become the most favorite ones. This furniture is commonly set for different uses. As the entry furniture, for instance, the bench with upholstery also has a built-in storage like drawer, shelf, or cabinet underneath. This storage can be used to keep the footwear or other stuffs. Another alternative use is as a bedroom vanity chair. Do you know x-base vanity chair? That’s right, it’s just one of the examples of small upholstered bench which is used to complement the bedroom vanity.

In general, there are two types of material which are commonly used to build the series of small upholstered bench. These two materials are metal and solid wood. The upholsterers also vary in texture and color. With patterns and no patterns are other options of upholstery applied for the bench.

In the gallery, you will find ten designs of small upholstered bench with different leg models and finishes. One of them may be your reference when you will add a new seat for your living room or other rooms.


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