Soapstone Colors

Soapstone is a kind of mineral steatite in which it consists of 50 percent of talc and other kinds of minerals such as magnetite. The combination of minerals has geologically metamorphosed into a solid stone. The stone is created due to heat, time, and pressure. Why is it being calling as soapstone? It is because the main mineral (talc) gives the body of stone a soapy feeling. How about the soapstone colors?

Actually there are a lot of variants of soapstone colors. But the most common and favorite colors are green and blue tint. It is actually grey with lighter quartz and grey flecks. It is able to change darker when it is treated with mineral oil. Its colors beauty is used to add the touch of aesthetic value on benches, fabricated table surface, bathtubs, showers stalls, countertops, sinks, vanity tops, mantle fireplace, kitchen islands, lintels, floors, and windowsills.

Soapstone has three main characteristics that make it the best choice for kitchen sinks and kitchen countertops uses. First, soapstone is a material that is heat resistant. A hot pan or hot dish cans be placed on top of soapstone counter without worrying it will be damaged. Second, it is non porous so all kinds of products in the kitchen will penetrate properly on this stone. The last, it is neutral toward acid such as acid from lemon and tomatoes juice. Both kinds of acids do not affect the stone.

To see clearer about the soapstone color options, here we share some pictures of beautiful soapstone colors in different uses.


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