Wonderful Concept of Soapstone Kitchen Island Design

Kitchen is one room which is very important for such a house to be build. Every house must have a kitchen. Thus, the kitchen can be decorated as the owner wishes. There are so many designs that can be applied on the kitchen. Starting from its cabinet, flooring, wall design, and kitchen table. However, in this post the writer would like to talk about soapstone design for kitchen countertop. You will see some pictures of kitchens in this article with various soapstone design.

Soapstone is kind of name of stone which can be a kitchen decoration. This soapstone is different from granite concept. Granite material is glassier, but this soapstone material is not and it is a bit rough. Well, let us see the sample in the picture, there is nice kitchen island which has small kitchen table. The kitchen table has black soapstone countertop with white wooden body. The black soapstone concept is also applied on the cabinet countertop. This black countertop of soapstone is so adorable and looks so fantastic for such a kitchen design concept.

We can compare with the other kitchen island design which has different accent of soapstone. This kitchen island showed in the picture has adorable grey abstract pattern countertop. This grey countertop is perfect for such a modern kitchen by the way. It also can be decorating the surface of the kitchen sink. There is also a kitchen table which has soapstone concept with two colors combination grey and black. However, this soapstone countertop uses glassy design, so it looks more modern than the other. This concept is perfect when you combine it with brown cabinet accent with wooden made material. Well, those are same samples of kitchen countertop which use soapstone design which can inspire you to build one.

reference: houzz.com

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