Soft Sisal Rug Offering Stunning and Affectionate Views over Your Room

What do you use to cover your flooring area so that it looks stunning and affectionate? Well, most of people cover their floor with a natural fiber rug as it can protect and also beautify the floor surface without hiding the entire surface. In addition, they fit well into many floor materials such as hardwood, cork or bamboo.

A soft sisal rug is a type of natural fiber rugs which is durable and easy to clean. This rug comes into various colors and patterns which will give an extra accent to your decoration so that it looks interesting. Moreover, this rug provides you airy feeling and can also lighten up your room decoration with its light and dark shading on its pattern.

What does the soft sisal rug made from? The soft sisal rug is usually made from Sisalana, an agave plant growing in Brazil, Africa and Mexico area. As your information, this plant is usually used as a raw material of tequila.

The sisal rug will be suitable to be decorated in living room, dining room or bedroom. Yet, there are few sisal rugs which are not recommended for your children’s room as that sisal rugs have a hard surface which can be uncomfortable for their soft bare feet. In addition, the sisal rugs are also not recommended for stairs or flooring area with glossy and smooth surface as it can scratch the surface.

The sisal rug is actually easy to maintain and care as this rug is absorbent which means that this rug is good enough to pull moisture on the floor or rug. But, you have to keep the rug in good moisture as the high moisture on it surface can cause molds. To clean the dirty rug, the dry cleaning is recommended and don’t try to clean it by using steam and water cleaning as it can break the rug.


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