Some Best Basement Laundry Room that You Should Know

How will you make your laundry room? some people don’t give enough attention to what is called a laundry room. for them, it is just a room that you cannot enjoy, and you even visit it once a week, maybe. However, there is no reason to not decorating the room well so you will check it oftenly later. If you don’t have enough space in the living floor, you can make it in the basement. Yeah, basement laundry room is the best idea to spend the empty space as well as to save the living space!

A small room in the basement makes no matter to have a basement laundry room. it is still perfect if you know how to arrange the furniture inside, especially the storage and also the linen hamper. Like the one which is painted in evening hue, it looks tidy and cool with white washing machine and wall rack above. With a chandelier and also wreath on the wall, it becomes a comfortable small room with beautiful detail.

Another idea is quite large than the previous one, and the yellow floral wallpaper applied on the wall gives perfect touch with tropical scent. Some topiary also invade the interior with good looking appearance. White cabinetry extended from teh machine gives awesome arrangement idea to the small room. everything is just made in cheerful tone in this room!

Meanwhile, to opt the use of the space in the basement laundry room, there is recommendation to have wall storage in the form of sacks. Yeah, it is cool to maximize the function and to minimize the furniture brought.


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