Space Saver Crib Size Bunk Bed for Toddler: 2015 Trend

Now, it is the greatest time to think about space saving idea. Yeah, it is brand new style of designing a house as the need of the space is getting increased but the space itself is stagnant. Related to the issue, what if you apply bunk bed idea in your home? I guess it is an interesting idea, and space saver crib size bunk bed for toddler can be the 2015 trend that you can follow!

The first crib bunk bed that you must know is the one with purple tent for coat. It looks beautiful with white accent and slider as the compliment. It covers your kids sleeping bed, and they are even able to play inside it or out. What do you think?

The next design belongs to rustic style as it is made of wooden with no finishing applied. There is no tent or curtain employed to the design but the mini stairs standing from the lower to the loft one. However, the colorful bedding must be the plush added to splash the outlook!

Meanwhile, a beautiful white crib size bedding gives you adorable outlook with its dull white tone and name spelling on its body. Purple bed sheet is chosen for the sake of being cute added with a set of toy basket hanging above the bed!

Another crib size bunk bed takes simple design with no stairs as it is designed for babies. Furnished style makes it wonderful in wooden tone with glossy effect on the surface.

So, which bunk bed that your will bring to home?


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