How to Sprinkle Your Kitchen with Colors?

Classic kitchen design is recently dominated with neutral colors, such as white or gray. It is understable as wrong color can be a disaster maker to the overall look. However, keeping the dull colors for the kitchen will be no more fun. Most of the problems the house owners encounter when dealing with colors is that they are clueless on how to playfully add color in their kitchen. If that’s the case, some tips here will reveal how to play with colors in the colorless cooking area.

Wall. Wall is the base of a room, a slight change in the wall would change the entire atmosphere as well.To add color in the kitchen, the wall should be on the first list. Clean the old paint first so the new paint can blend in evenly. Also, pick out light or delicate color, like light yellow, creame, turqoise to create an inviting and friendly mood.

Cabinetry. Colorful cabinetry is apparently uncommon in the modern house, yet it is an effective way to boost up different look in the kitchen. By painting the cabinets with vibrant colors, they can be an interesting focal point that steal the stage.

Appliances and Accessories. Most of the kitchen appliances, such as coffee maker, toaster, or pans come with dark and monotonous colors. Yet, in the recent days, colorful kitchen appliances are already in the market to fill such demand. Placing these colorful pieces are effective to spice up the kitchen. If colored equipments are hardly available on sale, opt for colorful accessories for the kitchen, such as flowers, flowers vases, colorful plates or drinking glass, can totally warm up the kitchen.

Although colors can give dramatic impact to a kitchen, excessive use of colors would turn the kitchen to a terrible space. That’s why, think deliberately prior to mixing and matching the colors for the kitchen.

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