Build Your Own Stand Up Desk From Recycled Wood

Build your own stand up desk sounds great especially for you who are now money efficiency. Why? Standing your own desk is cheaper than buying one that is made professionally. You can also get more benefits if you build up your own standing desk. More options for size, for instance, is just one from many benefits you are going receive from making the standing desk by yourself. Another benefit might you will get is it makes you free to set any drawers, cabinetry, or shelves on your hand-made standing desk. Are you so curious how to make a standing desk at home? Here is the list of supplies and steps.

To build your own stand up desk, there are some supplies you must prepare. The supplies are a piece of recycled wood for top desk, four pieces recycled wood for posts 36 inches size for each (or solid board), file cabinets unit, steels for desk’s feet, and a bracket for additional storage. Lets start to build a standing desk. First, move a file cabinet unit in any place you want. Install four steels to four corner of recycled wood. Use crews to fit the steel and wood board.

Don’t forget to strengthened screws by using screw driver in order to make screws and wood board are united strongly. To test it whether it can stand perfect, put it in flat surface. Mae sure that a new hand-made table doesn’t fall down. If so, put the table on file cabinets unit. To prevent the table’s feet moving on, you can give the base of table’s feet double-tip glue to glue the feet base and the file cabinet unit’s surface. This is it, a hand-made standing desk has been finished. You can use it anytime you want.

A hand-made standing desks can accommodate some office properties such as a bracket as book shelves, wireless keyboard, magic track-pad, flat-screen computer set, a note book, and other office properties. How was that? That’s so easy, right? Here is the list of standing desk designs that might give you great inspiration how to build your own stand up desk.


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