Step Forward – Subway Tile- These Trends are Gonna Be Rising in 2019

warm and relaxed feel bathroom gloss subway tile walls in white wood floors dramatic curtains in broken white simple wood chair wood like bathtub gray rug

We’ll never be bored when we’re talking about these two kinds of tile; yes, there are subway and hexagon tiles. Both are not the most favorite options, but they’re obviously overused for most numbers of homes. When applied, these tiles are always classic and won’t go out of style. Even most designers predict that these tile designs will always be a long-last trends expected to keep arise in 2019. Just think twice when choosing what the best tile designs for your home. We promise these recommended tile designs are chic and cool for your home. Just check this out.

Blush pink tiles with different shape bring sophisticated touch to this bathroom. The darker shade on the hexagon tile floors give classic as well as earthy look. A good tone combination for such subtle bathroom.

Look classic in dark tone. The tiles are managed shabbier to support the existed interior’s theme. It’s nice when concrete walls feature this for a cold-look and minimalist effect.

Subway tiles installation in vertical way helps creating a space-save effect to this bathroom – a great choice if you want to get a classic look in your small bathroom. Just add white marble with lots of natural dark scratches for a brighter space.

Overall look brings us to past-present journey where we’ve found classic subway tiles combined with clean-lined bathroom fixtures. The color is also awesome – a good black-white feature creating a simple monochrome. Wood element apparently becomes the most obvious item among this dominating white-black tone.

Fully white for both subway tiles and bricks on the wall. They create unclear border but obvious in texture. Metal finishing like copper & stainless steel pipes are just not functional but also visually aesthetic.

Again, this blush pink tile installation has brought sweet and classic touch as well. It looks so contrasted when featured with natural stone block floors. Both sides, wall and floor, offer different texture (smooth and hard surfaces) and this, of course, give the value to this home.

Simple and warm – the whole space offers ultra-comfy spot for relaxing. This cool subway tile wall here balances off the warmth previously existed by the wooden element in this room. And look at the curtains, they dramatically give much of luxury.

Wall and floors are totally different in color scheme and texture, but with the similar shape, subway tiles, they’re cohesive when applied for such airy & modern interior.

This pink subway tile installation gives a bit architectural touch. Pink often relates to girly, cheerful, and young shade, but when featured with concrete and wood elements, the pink tiles look much more ‘brave’ and even it visually acts like a great complement to existed copper pipe installation.

Classic-modern mixture. These two tile installations (floors and walls) have displayed classic-look option, but based on the option of overall-interior-color, it tends to be modern with the clean-lined and minimalist layout.

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