How to Transform Your Bedroom with Unique and Compact Look of Storage Bed NYC

Now, it is the year of urban people looking for everything nice, chic, and of course space saving. Minimalist style is the core of today’s fashion, so furniture which will spend more space usually is avoided. In this case, having small bedroom is normal, and you have to choose smart fixture to make it comfortable. What about adding a storage bed nyc? Nice idea!

The first storage bed nyc that I will recommended for you is very stylish in white color. It is made of high quality wood which is finished in such a way to be like this posh picture. Instead of leaving the bottom side empty, the designer smartly add some drawers for storage. From file to beauty case are all available to fill the bed tidily.

The next design is also unique furniture. It is a foldable bed nyc that provides you spacious storage just beneath the bedding. Of course, without thinking about the size, you could save your sheet or even pillows right on the storage. Very simple!

Again, spending the space in the bottom side to be such wonderful storage is also possible for bookshelves. You can set your books collection right on the racks stacked on the bed. This style is suitable for shabby chic bedroom theme, especially for teen!

Headboard storage is another storage bed nyc that is worth to consider. It is elegant and you can decorate the bes with various ornament. Track lighting can be one of them, but books are must have stuff right above the pillow, right?!


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