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White Open Shelves With White Box Storage A Modern White Table A Pile Of Books A Beautiful Glass Pot With Red Roses A Decorative Mirror With Gold Tone Frame
Ottoman Chair With Storage Underneath
Coffee Table With Storage System And Drawers Underneath Light Grey Sofa Darker Stained Minimalist Side Table Jute Rug For Living Room
White Cabinet System In The Back Of Bed’s Headboard Smooth White Bedroom Rug
Higher Loft Bed Furniture With Stairs And Drawers Underneath White Bedding White And Black Strips Bed Linen Unique Table Lamp Single Book Shelf As Bedside Table
Coffee Table With Storage Underneath White Sofa With Red White Strips Throw Pillows Jute Area Rug
Unique Wood Coffee Table With Storage Underneath Modern Brown Strips Area Rug Cool Drawer System In A Living Room A Corner Decorative Plant Brown Sofa With White Pillows
Simple Coffee Table With Under Boxes Storage White Modern Sofas With Orange Red And Brown Pillows Wood Planks Floors
Wall Cabinet System With A Pile Of Towels And Bathing Supplies Floating Shelf For Organzing The Bottled Supplies
Clothes Closet Storage With A Lot Of Shelves As The Best Alternative Storage Solution

Small space for living surely makes us lack of comfort. We have to figure out where the kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, and even storage space should be. Without good plans, everything can be so problematic for us.
Moreover, when you have a lot of stuffs, you have to figure out the best storage solution, soon. Such problem is commonly experienced by those living in limited space living like small apartment.

Through this article, we want to try to overcome such problem by sharing best storage solutions for small apartments. First solution, edit or do sorting your possessions. Think and select the things that are still used and needed.

Second, add shelving units to existing storage systems. See your cabinets. They usually have large headroom. Use this vacant space for putting the additional shelves. Let’s see another storage system. A vertical divider in a kitchen cabinetry is also perfect for storing and organizing the pot lids and cookie sheets. You just need to attach metal wire organizers to the inside of cabinets. This additional storage can be used to store the packaged pieces such as sandwich bags and garbage bags.

Other storage solutions for small apartments you need to try are using more shelves on top of the rods of clothes closet organizer and using the bench of an entryway as the storage for boots and umbrella. Under storage in an ottoman can also be perfect storage solution for your bed linens and blankets. Is there any vacant space under your coffee table? Use this vacant space to put some rattan decorative boxes for storing your DVD collections or other small pieces. Actually there are still many smart storage solutions for small apartments. To see them, just check them out in our gallery.


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