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Red Synthetic Flowers Plus Windows Decoration White Colour
Amazing Living Area Decor With Glass Coffe Table White Couch Pink Cushions Plus Black White Wall Decora Picture Body Also White Wooden Flooring
Fresh Plus Cute Eating Area With White Scheme With Small Round Dining Desk With Pink Lantern Also Wall Painting Decor In Giant Windows Glass
Makeup Desk Ornament In Residence With Spherical Mirror
Inside Residence Decorations Concepts With Vegetation Design Pink Color Curtain White Sofa Plus Pink Cushions Pillow With Pink Rug In White Stained Wall Inside With Coffee Table
Bathroom Wash Basin With Pink Synthetic Flowers Also White Barrier Colour
Soft Pnk Kitchen Set Modern Elegant Cabinet Cute Pink Kitchen Wallpaper Big Kitchen Mirrors
White Wood Flooring Apartment With Black Blanket Bed Room Plus Colourful Stripes Wall Decor With Pink Brown Cream Coloration With Pink Wooden Cupboards And Floor Lighting
Animal Cute Wallpaper Pink Wall Minimalist Dining Chair Desk Clock
White Varnished Wooden Bookshelf Beside White Sofa And Pink Cushions Synthetic Flowers Purple Color

The apartment is one of the housing options that we can make alternative if we want to get a place to stay that is able to give us practical value, functional value, and at the same high aesthetic value. If we plan to rent an apartment alone because of the demands of work or for any reason, then we can choose to get 1 bedroom apartments for rent. It is one of the types of apartments which as the name suggests, has one bedroom with a few other rooms.

Before you decide, it’s good for us to try to compare between 1 bedroom apartment with other types of apartments are also suitable for us who wish to get an apartment for ourselves like a studio apartment. Both types of apartments are quite popular among single tenant with the advantages and disadvantages of each that we must know.

Here are a scant contrast amid the two kind of apartments that we need to know before deciding to get 1 bedroom apartments for rent or studio apartments.

The reason why we choose to rent studio apartments – by choosing to get a studio type apartment, so we had the opportunity to get a much cheaper rent which means we can make savings of money in large enough quantities each year when compared with 1 bedroom apartments. Another advantage is that we will get a plan that is simpler, easier for us to decorate, and does not require us to put too many items into the room so that we could get the look we wanted. In other words, this is a very precise type of apartment chosen for those who do not have a lot of items and have a limited budget.

The reason why we chose to rent a 1 bedroom apartments – we will get more space in the apartments include a separate bedroom with another room. We’ll get the living room, bathroom, and kitchen each have a separate place so that we would get a level of privacy as we want. We also can provide more privacy to overnight guests when compared with the studio apartments.

Higher cost is we will get when we decided to get 1 bedroom apartments for rent, but we will get a higher privacy when compared to the studio apartments. We can also decide to upgrade to the apartment with the style of decoration is more feasible. However, to get a 1 bedroom apartments is not easy because even though a lot of people looking for this type, but more and more people are deciding to rent or get a 2 bedroom apartments or 3 bedroom apartments are supposedly more popular.


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