Stylish Stripes Wall Design For Your Home Office

Having a nice home office in your house may give you another relax feeling as you can finish your job while having fun in your own house. Therefore, in designing home office that will boost your happy mood, you need to consider the whole decoration. You can start by giving the detail in your walling design. Since most home office facing the main wall, giving a fun style might be the perfect idea. Moreover, by making your wall as the focal point in your home office, the idea might pop automatically because of your relaxed feeling.

Stylish stripes wall design can be the most effective way to beautify your home. If you think that your room is dull and need some booster to make it more alive, you can choose bold visual stripes style. Yellow and white are simply the best color accent that can enliven your room atmosphere. You can add dramatic impact by installing wall art that has warm hues. Or, you can also apply assorted color stripes wallpaper that will give bold visual statement of your room. Next, you can also set another way of decorating your wall home office by using some wooden textural wall paneling. This will help you to achieve calmer effect when your room is actually full of bright shade.

Lastly, for less extravagant wall decoration, you can simply paint your home office wall with a single stripe. With bold hues such as black and with horizontal patterns, you will invite more airy vibe without overcrowding your room with vibrant colors.


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