Superbly Unique & Stunning Light Fixture Designs to Instantly Update Your Home

oak table lamp by Etsy with person shape Pinterest

Taken from Pinterest, there are some options of interior lighting ideas that can visually make your interior looks so wow. If you are so curious about this, join us to see ten best collections of wow interior lighting below. Hopefully, these lighting ideas will inspire you and be new references for your next home projects.

Creative outdoor lighting idea. You can make this by yourself by re-using the glass bottle and let it glowing with tiny string lamps inside. Use this lighting fixture for a ceiling light, backyard light, patio light, or even garden light. The coolest thing is this is eco-friendly and recycled. Awesome.

Supported by solar power, these glass lanterns are garnished with sparkly glitters, beautifully displaying a little fairy within the lantern. In the dark, the lanterns light up and obviously reveal the magic fairies.

Keep stunning with playful colors and shape. You can find these values in these lighting fixtures. Each is sparkling with different color hue, created by the lampshade that is perfectly colored in pop of colors such as fresh green, sunny yellow, and warm orange.

Low and oversized. These lighting fixtures glam up the space and these fixtures apparently suits the huge and minimalist space like this lounge. The patterns on the lampshade, of course, add a beautiful and dramatic visual effect to space around, so it’s unnecessary to add more statement or accent to the space.

Very simple, only shaped in tube with horizontal light ventilators as the accents. Found in Etsy, you can obtain this table lamp easily. With medium height, the lamp fits any rooms.

Sustainable and eco-friendly. Esty offers the next best product of table lamp for you who love environment-friendly yet artistic pieces for your home. This table lamp is built from oak that magically articulated in the form of person with head as the light source. Very creative.

Glam golden pendants for modern luxury. We all believe that function and design are important and these values are in these lighting fixtures.

They’re called Bower LED Chandeliers by West Elm. They look like the industrial light fixtures with modern touch. Both the hang and fitter are minimalist yet stylish, really presenting the modern soul. The glass globes, in addition, seem like eye balls with a single black nucleus, offering both harmonious and dynamic particularly in a regular line use like this.

CUC ME Round pendants. Each is covered with a cage-like lampshade built from the black woven wire. There are two options of lampshades: brown and cream for softer and warmer shades. The size of pendants of course suits any large and less-furnished spaces.

Very simple. With contemporary design, this table lamp assists you to stay focusing on a targeted area. Supported with a solid panel, this makes the lamp steady leans on and amazingly keeps on that position. The wooden frame makes the lamp is categorized an eco-friendly and sustainable light piece.

Give a mark and update your working desk with this fantastic table lamp. Actually you can build this by yourself or hire a skillful man to make this wonderful lamp. Just built from concrete, the lamp looks simple and minimalist. The concrete structure gives a special texture and tone, personally adding a contemporary-masculine showcase.

Creative woodworks in the form of floor lamps. Base and top of lamps are in different shape, giving a unique and non-monotone look. The shape looks like the wooden cube is being cutted and stretched out from the top.

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