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Victorian Style End Table In Gold Color Scheme
Tall End Table Made Of Trunk Tree
Round Marble Top End Table With Unique Legs
Tall Acrylic End Table Idea In White And In Unique Shape
Unique Tall End Table With Three Legs
Glass Top Accent Table With Webs Look Like Base
Simple Vintage Style End Table With Tall Legs And Drawer
X Base End Table With White Rectangular Tabletop
Tall Green End Table Design Idea With Green Framed Tabletop
Unique Tall End Table Consisting Of The Layers Of Wooden Panels

Tall end tables are perfect solutions for you who require decorative and functional piece of table. Like its name, a tall end table doesn’t spend much space, so it’s best for small living space. Tons of selections are available for you. Look at the style, for instance, wide ranges are provided to you, such as traditional, transitional, modern/ contemporary, rustic, casual, country, minimalist, coastal, etc. These pieces of tables are finished in various finish types, like dark, black, light, metal, medium, oak, white, painted, and many more.

To make them more attractive, most of tall end tables are framed in different choices of materials. The frame materials include glass, metal, composite, wicker (N/A), stone, plastic, and wood. Tabletop are made in broad selections, such as Faux marble, acrylic, marble, plastic, rush grass, resin, wood, wicker, wrought iron, veneer, stone, steel, and granite.

The selections of tall end tables do not limited in material. It’s true that most numbers of table units are made of solid wood, but today woods are not the only primary materials to produce the pieces of tables and other home furniture. Some other materials are starting to use in all furniture manufactures. List of wood species that are commonly used to produce the tables (including tall end tables) are cherry, oak, mahogany, Asian hardwood, ash, basswood, bamboo, elm, fir, pine, walnut, mango, hickory, birch, and maple. And, other types of primary materials for producing the pieces of tables are glass, plastic, and metals.

Tabletop’s shape is also really important to consider. Why? It can bring the impact to the room’s appearance. Round, rectangular, and square are just less lists of tabletops’ shape. Actually, there are more shape selections you may want to see, and the shapes are follows: oval, hexagon, octagon, half-round, and corner.

Reference: foter.com

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