Teepee Tent Bed Designs: Instant Solution to Style The Kids Room

tipi bed frame with headboard and sideboard white mattreess with fluffy pillow around it Pinterest

It’s always fun to make our kids happy and one of the ways is by redecorating the kids room with the dreamy decor idea. There are so many options of bedroom decor ideas for kids and Scandinavian-style decorating is the most favorite one. Of course we want to add a distinctive feature to style up the kids’ room and I’ve found one that surely will make the kids’ room so adorable and inviting. It’s the teepee tent bed.

The bed itself is inspired by the indigenous tent really existed in Disney movie, Princes Pocahontas. It has special design and framed in pine wood finish and has a trundle drawers under the bed. Join with me and see the details of teepee tent bed we’ve collected from Pinterest.

Found in Etsy, this teepee tent bed is simple and timeless. The bed fits the standard kids’s bed size and mattress. The legs of bed are removable and each corner of bed is rounded and sanded in smooth texture, the bed is safe for your kids.

teepee bed frame with black painted top and railing addition


Coated in black, the teepee bed’s top looks different and it gives a color accent to the overall bed design, and the wood railings are also added to provide a good safety for kid when napping.

With underbed drawer addition, you can store all kids’ needs like supplies of blankets, pillows, and even the kids’ clothes and pants.

playfull indoor tent with blush pink draperies light wood tent bed frame white bed linen white duvet cover vintage area rug with tassels


For girls, it’s sweet to pick blush pink as the primary tone of bedroom and the draperies are the perfect target. Use the same color palette for bedding treatment, including the pillows, and combine it with purely white bed linen and duvet cover. These chosen colors, of course, suit with the teepee bed.

The Siffroy bed frame designed in tipi shape. Supported by sturdy and well-screwed structure, this bed frame is so stylish for your kids. Based on the chosen color, the bed is specially set for boys and the existing accessories also say that.

Like other common teepee bed frames, the bed is completed with railing system. To garnish the top, the designer adds a colorful ball string right on the top, so the kids will keep be cheery during in bed.

Tipi bed frame is actually multifunctional; it can be a play bed as well as a sleeping bed obviously inspired from traditional Indian tent house. The current design uses railings system for safety and optional tent shade.

Low-profile Tipi bed frame is ideal for kids since it’s safer and more stylish. Ceiling-less Tipi bed is also popular now as it can directly expose all ornate things we’ve put on one of top’s corners like this animal stuff.

So adorable, a teepee bed frame with white cover. The cover, of course, has some holes as the window and main entrance, so the kid has easy access to get in their playful bed. I personally love white because it really fits the whole interior decor and bed treatment.

tipi bed frame with headboard and sideboard white mattreess with fluffy pillow around it


It’s like the bed is completed with a striking headboard and sideboard. Both headboard and sideboard are made of solid wood panel with Indian’s distinctive colors, black and yellow. Of course this part will be a stated and attractive one that obviously differs to other common tipi bed frames.

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