Ten Best Alternatives To Style Your Ladder In Home

vertical garden made of worn out ladder and some potted flowers Pinterest

Need more space to keep your stuffs but want it keeps stylish? It seems you need the most practical, functional, and space-efficient ladder. This ladder is actually designed just for storage and you can use this ladder as a low-budget storage solution for books, shower properties, displayed ornaments, and many more. But if you have the old and unused one, it’s beneficial to you to re-used it as another kind of storage solution like the shoes storage, vertical garden, storage of office needs, etc. Just let it gives a new life and see how wonderful it is for your home.

Custom Ladder Work Desk

Well, this one is fantastic way to extend the use of actual ladder. The ladder here has a desk and under shelf for books and pens, seeming like a smaller study desk for kids or a mini working desk for adults. Just need to add a stool as the complementary piece. With this, now you have a practical, stylish, and save-space rustic study corner in your home. Really helpful, isn’t it?

Throw Blanket Stand

As a leaning ladder shelving unit, this ladder is simply movable anywhere we want, including in the bedroom. It can be used as a simple yet functional rack for some throw blankets like this one.

A Display Ladder

It’s called a creativity; how to turn a small ladder into a practical and stylish display. Each shelf is used to display the picture frames, ornate stuffs, and even the old suitcases. So useful as well as visually stated.

Stylish Vintage Leaning Ladder For Display

Eco-friendy. With such repurposed and sustainable wood ladder, you can re-use it as the vintage ladder and make it as the functional throw blanket display.

Useful Ladder For Bath Properties

Visually warm and simple, the leaning ‘ladder’ definitely offers a sufficiently storage space, being an ideal storage solution for bathing properties. Add a pile of woven baskets as another storage option.

Again! Ladder For Display

Made of raw oak, this shelf ladder is firm, sturdy, and stylish for sure. Each lovely step provides amount space for books, photos, and even trinkets. Based on physical design, this ladder really works with modern and country-style homes.

Creative Shoes Racks

Inspiring, shoes rack is just another alternative why small ladder is importantly needed for home. The ladder can also be moved anywhere you need. The simplest application is the most beneficial reason why you need to have it; it just needs to lean on your wall. Very simple.

Intentionally designed in modern rustic, this leaning ladder rack totally meets the interior style, clean look and modern. It just gives a bit natural appeal simply through the wood material, softly giving warm look in this space.

Inspiring Vertical Garden Stand

vertical garden made of worn out ladder and some potted flowers


A DIY vertical garden supported by a small ladder. This is a proof that something worn out could be perfect pair for such beautiful flowers.

Ornate Leaning Ladder For Greenery

Just as the decorative piece, this leaning ladder is built in slimmer frame, very nice for any small spaces like this corner seating area. Some hanging houseplants are also added to give more aesthetic value.

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