Ten Black and White Living Room Designs that Bring Monochrome Charm

moderrn black white living room design white sofa black throw pillows glass coffee table twin side tables twin floor lamps abstract paint in white black black cowhide rug Pinterest

Black-white becomes one of most favorite color combinations for home particularly for public space like living rooms. The colors aren’t boring and they offer a beauty contrast in room. When applied in right way, they bring a living tone to the room. There are so many ways to apply these colors to make your living room more interesting and comfortable. I have collected ten black and white living room designs that showcase these color palettes in perfect way. Go to see the ideas and get inspired.

It seems this glamorous living room is inspired by monochrome-vintage that obviously boasts simply black furniture and white crown-moulded walls. A grand crystal chandelier also adds a beauty, presenting a physically visual attractiveness and glamorous lighting effect as well. At final, very light wood floors still give the calmness without ruining the sofas’ bold black effect.

If you love minimalist, clean, and simple, this living room design is so recommended. All furnishings are simply performing practical yet stylish. No much details but functional. Apparently, the designer wants to make us impressed to that beautiful view.

white sofas with black line accents grand piano in black creative light fixture with glass lampshade lofted ceilings in white skylight

Sharon Mimran

Grand living room featuring a grand piano. Piano gives obvious black color accent in this room, and this creative light fixture really acts as a focal point of lofted ceilings.

This living room previews high contrast of black and white use exactly applied on some spots, but the most stunning one is the wallpaper. It takes modern pattern that purposely fits the other modern patterns.

It’s interesting to set up a symmetric view by positioning the furniture with a pair of twin floor lamps & side tables in both side. Add an abstract paint over the sofa as a modern glam.

A modern abstract art can be an instant way to redecorate your living room with a bit black charm. Make it a statement of room and let your guests so impressed with it.

Black and white potentially bring muted and cold visual effect, but you can break it just with such a creative chandelier. Use a longer hanger for dramatic look and choose dimmer yellow lighting effect for warmer look.

The coffee table has accented black lines, producing a chic look in modern way, and at glance the lines look rather similar with the highlighted lines on the wall art.

Very outstanding black and white modern art. Visually, the art is simple and minimalist but it’s able to give a striking black-white focal point to room.

You may add the gold scheme to your living room. The gold scheme here becomes the effective way to get ultra glam in the middle of black and white setting.

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