Ten Comfy Floor Couch Designs to Boost Up Your Mood & Comfort

modern family room sunset toned floor couches low coffee table in white grey vintage scandinavian rug mounted TV set John Lum Architecture

One of best methods to make sure that a living room gets an inviting look is by re-designing it with the best layout. It means the chosen layout works well with what’s you’re expecting: be the most entertaining space as what the guests felt. Also make sure that your living room provides the space where your family can relax while gathering and watching the favorite movie/ TV programs in comfortable couch.

Couch becomes the most considered item that has to exist in living room. It is required when you’re welcoming your guests and please them to sit in comfy seat like the couch. There are several types of couch and one of most popular is floor couch. Floor couch or most people call it low-level couch has specific characteristics, and those can be easily recognized, and some people prefer this type of couch to other types of couch due to practical use and stylish look. For you who love such couch, here I want to share ten ideas of floor couch complete with various designs, colors, and materials. Let’s check them up.

Fill the space with fun & fancy furniture for your teens. The color choice really mirrors teen’s soul which is full of energy and positive vibes. The floor couch here is so stunning and be a contrast against the ottomans and pillows. With such fluffy & smooth rug, the couch seems like on the pink cloud. Creative!

Multicolored low couch – This low furniture instantly creates impressing high ceilings. This idea is often used for rooms with lower ceilings like this adorable family room. The colors, additionally, make this space more alive.

This cozy space has been furnished with L-shaped floor couch and low coffee table, a perfect spot to hang-out with teen friends or just to watch TV/ movie. The couch is also ideal as the additional bed for sleeping when friends coming and taking a nap.

Low couch is designed for informal purpose; an ideal option for more relaxing seating area like a family room. This grey low couch obviously offers the ultimate comfort and style. Both the design and color reflect modernity. With some supporting pieces like the ottomans and side table, the couch will present its best performance.

Clean-lined family room highlighted with series of sunset-toned floor couches. The couches expose artistic wrinkles and tufts in details, showing comfortably fluffy texture. The table and vintage scandinavian rug here also add modern value.

Comfortable and modern. This low couch is completed with additional facing sectional for extra seat or bed, a perfect alternative for a napping guest. The couch and rug are the same in color scheme, exposing a harmony. I love the black on table and throw pillows; it instantly gives a contrasting scheme in this fairly white & soft interior.

Two units of floor couches are okay, but use different color to make the space more colorful. Green and grey in light proportion sound better for a tender look. Feature them with something bold and dark for an opposing tone (like these palettes of black bricks for more vibrant visual effect).

An eclectic & formal living room design with colorful low couch and vintage area rug. I feel the couch isn’t merely offering big comfort, but it also gives color accents to this room.

Low couch in big proportion – good choice for such large space. The color combination is perfect – combining grey with light wood color & white interior. And the industrial metal chair & Grasshopper floor lamp placed side by side offer another best spot for siting in.

What a simple but adorable the space is. I like the couch and wooden wall panel; they’re a perfect harmony. When the red is added, they produce a fantastic look, contrasting but so beautiful. For your information, this wood wall is actually the wallpaper, not the real wood panel.

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