Ten Most Stylish and Functional Space Divider for Homes and Apartments

contemporary partition display rack with black metal frames and wood shelves base Pinterest

Room separators for homes or apartments are not only the walls; there are also the wonderful room separators that definitely bring style and beauty. As we know, there are so many options of space divider we can choose but we have to pick the best one in order to get the best one.

Wonderful idea – the idea applies the double functional wood piece used as the railing system and space divider. This idea brings huge impact for the homeowner; it’s low budget, space-efficient, and so aesthetic. The structure also works perfectly with the interior, especially with this floating staircase.

I see the simplicity and modern look in this space divider. It looks more elegant simply with the base lighting, expressing more modern lifestyle chosen by the homeowner.

This is another simple-modern space divider idea you can pick for your home. The divider is framed with solid black metal and supported with acrylic and metal railing surfaces, offering a varied surface option and style.

Modern and minimalist – this room divider is unique as it’s displaying two different surfaces: black brick finish and wood railing structure. This idea of course offers us a new appearance of ‘wall’ where we’ll see the artsy textures from different basic materials.

A double-functional wood installation – It perfectly works for small homes or apartments because it can accommodate more than one role. The installation is designed as space divider and bookshelves (or display shelving units).

Unique and creative, even you can make this room divider by yourself. The divider is simply made from the cuts of pipes. Use the pipe-glue to stick each, and magic! Now you have a new and unique space divider.

What an inspiring idea – a space divider plus display rack. The design is futuristic and unique; simply exposes some series of wood shelves supported with black metal chained into the base and the top. The shape of black metal structure is also interesting; it’s the triangle when we’re beside the divider.

marvelous room divider ideas with black metal and natural wood expose


Half-wide room divider can also make your visiting guests impressed. Look at the design; it’s simple, clean lines, and modern. It looks like a mini kitchen counter with clear glass windows on it. The wood countertops can effectively be used as the display shelf for small greenery, small decorative things, and others. I love the black metal trims framed the whole glass windows. It’s a perfect contrast.

The design is impressive, exposing more the artsy shape of wood piece supported with the metal rails chained from the base to the top. Such beautiful space divider seems perfect for all minimalist-modern interiors.

Fully wide room divider idea highlighted with geometric wood accents. This is an option for you guys who need a functional and aesthetic space divider. The design also allows you to have a stylish partition that can give you semi-privacy.

Designed in modern style, this space divider adds a stylish ‘wall’ to this living room. More interestingly, the divider can be functioned as the display buffet.

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