Ten Recommended Eat-In Kitchens for Practical, Affordable, and Stylish Dining Space

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Still about the industrial style; the style is exactly a big trend. Always be a hit and of course functional and so stylish. Through this style, you’ll find a massive use of rustic combined with metallic finishing, concrete, and brick. In visual look, industrial style performs heavy and high intense tones, and this is obviously discovered in furnishings and interior.

Industrial eat-in kitchen isn’t only a functional space, but also a lifestyle in which we could put our personal taste in here. In other word, we can add something new that will create a distinct atmosphere without missing the basic style. In this page, I have compiled a list of eat-in industrial kitchen that briefly showcases every detail of industrial element. Be ready to fall in love.

Heavy-toned dining table looks contrary to all interior but perfect for this white eat-in kitchen.

Unique! The chairs really present metal vintage pieces that can give special value. The space is also highlighted by large-size glass orbs hang from ceilings.

Whitewashed pallet walls here give a color accent and make the space lighter, but these cool floors & wood element are able to break out this monotone space.

It’s okay to choose lighter wood type for brighter furniture in such industrial kitchen. It surely will bring distinct color tone and becomes the one and only wood element in room.

Emerald-colored chairs and cool-colored pendants add color twist to this concrete-finish interior.

The coziest spot to enjoy the dish: eat-in kitchen with full-covered glass windows. The natural light fills the overall space, creating a well-lighted effect.

What a lovely spot! An eat-in kitchen is decorated in industrial style. Metallic pieces dominate this room, but the blockbutcher worktop gives warmer tone in room. The chairs, in addition, are built from metal, and their heavy look really meets the industrial style.

Just show up the real tone and texture of natural wood as the truly manifestation of raw rustic-industrial style. Feature it with something fun and visually attractive like these chairs and light fixtures. Let the colors be the focal points of room.

Twister-leg stools have attracted me. The design is very unique and characterful. The shabby black color really blends with the aged whitewashed island, really adding more industrial credits.

Garnish your industrial eat-in kitchen with salvaged pieces like these pendants, bringing a classic look in this room.

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