Ten Recommended Ways To Style Your Kitchen or Bathroom with Metro Tiles

gray white marble like metro tile walls in herringbone shape Pinterest

When you figure out to choose new wall tiles for kitchen or bathroom, metro tiles or subway tiles are becoming one of most popular option. They’re versatile and stylish. Most interestingly, they can suit any interior designs. Whatever the bathroom or kitchen design you really want, find more inspiration with the following metro tiles styling.

Throw White Metro Tiles Away, Don’t Seem Like A Clinical Spot

The dominance of white metro tiles hugely brings to clinical look. Just consider any other colored tiled and make the space more interesting. Dark gray metro tiles, in this idea, visually add the color accent. The line of dark gray metro tiles also breaks up the dominance of white metro tiles. It’s a good idea to add a pop of color like this sunny yellow armchair to the space.

Be More Luxurious with Dark-Toned Metro Tiles

For more luxurious bathroom look, dark-toned metro tiles sound great to choose. Blue or green are good for this. To make tile installation quite obvious, choose white grout. White grout here can also prevent dark tone feels too overwhelmed in the space. Style the space with the house plants and some brass.

Love Marble for The Bathroom? Create This Effect just with Herringbone Metro Tiles

Use two color hues like white and gray metro tiles and install them in herringbone shape. This idea can create a contemporary look as well as a marble-like finish.

Bold Metro Tiles for Brighten Up Your Space

Bright space is always lovely and cozy, and you can get this just with bold metro tiles. Bright makers aren’t always white, ultra-light gray, or even light wood color, there are still more color hues to approach a bright and airy-feel interiors. Earth color hues are just few of them, and you can use these colors instead of white. Earth color will more ‘spicy’ with some herbs, fruits, and other organic items like the picture above.

Add Elegance Simply with Purely White Metro Tiles

For an elegant look, install white metro tiles in herringbone shape. Elevate them with the natural materials like wooden, particularly light wood, for a simple and minimalist look.

Small Space Isn’t A Big Obstacle To Colour Your Kitchen

Add a focal point to your small kitchen simply with fun colored metro tile installation. The backsplash is the perfect target to implement the idea. It will be so striking if you cover it up with these lovely deep red metro tiles.

Create A Monochrome Look with Black Metro Tiles

Black-white tiles for monochrome is too boring. Create different monochrome just with black metro tiles. Make white furniture as the complementary formula for your new monochrome.

Love Muted Tones? See This Idea

Muted tones are easily created by light color hues you can apply through metro tile options. Mint green and deep cream are perfect color combination to give light and pearlescent finish to your bathroom or kitchen.

Overpowered Color Scheme? Break It Up with Simple White Metro Tiles

It’s true that white can be best solution for breaking up the dominance of bright or bold color schemes. Like in this idea, we clearly see that vintage white metro tiles work perfectly with mint green concrete walls. They create a good balance.

Concern with The Tile Position, Too.

Re-positioning metro tiles are also important to create a perfect collaboration with the concrete walls. These white herringbone tiled walls featuring bold blue concrete walls are the example. Look at the border between the tiles and conventional walls; it’s textural and visually interesting.

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