Ten Scandinavian Decor Pieces Need to Own for Updated Scandinavian Home

vintage moroccan area rug with modern line accents Pinterest

We all know that Scandinavian decor style mostly performs light, airy, and minimalist look. This idea has been brought by so many Scandinavian architects and designers  like Fritz Hansen from Denmark. It seems that Nordic countries have been talented in art especially the art of cozy interior decors.

From this, actually we can learn more about Scandinavian-style decor such as about the tones, patterns, textures, and even layouts, so surprise yourself as now you’re an ‘expert’ in re-decorating your house with these inspiring key pieces of Scandinavian furniture & accessory.

Quite true that Moroccan rug is outdated in US but it’s the favorite in most Nordic homes. Most designers say that this area rug contributes to give a minimalist look. With neutral hues and simple & modern lines, the rug feels simply warm and visually interesting.

So brilliant. These midcentury modern chairs are performing a mature and well-chosen design. Each detail of structure is well-prepared to get perfection. Glam of blue upholstery covers are shining out but the perfect wood-finish frames completely balance it – giving not-too-much visualization.

Yes, sheepskin throws commonly are spotted in most Scandinav homes especially on sofa, bench, or even chair. The throw here is another key concept of Scandinavian design and this ornate piece also brings style.

Scandinavian designers must be carefully in decorating a Scandinav-style space as all interior pieces need to be well-designed as accurate as the Scandinav main concept. All is set as functional and minimalist, including the bookcase. To keep it light and clean, most designers use light wood and design it as simple as possible. The books are organized uncluttered and of course the designer won’t display more numbers of books; just a few yet essential ones.

To add something dramatic, lighting fixture is the perfect target. Carefully in selecting your lighting fixture and make sure that the chosen one is timeless-modern in which it can add classic as well as modern in the same time.

Make a statement with your lounge chair. The furniture piece always steals visual interest. It consistently attracts us just by its modern design and color.

Minimalist and cozy – these values we’ll find easily in such cushioned sofa. The appearance looks so attractive particularly the color choice, soft pink – a proof that Scandinav isn’t always gray, white, and other soft-neutral hues. This poppy color stays striking but still meet what Scandinavian delivers to.

The greens in interiors of course take important role in making the spaces smell fresh and clean – inviting people to come over. They’re also decorative when they’re in a good maintenance. The existence of greenery seems giving natural touch to the space. Be noticed about the proportion. The little ones are so recommended for a minimalist look.

Scandinavian style living room gray wall painting light gray sofa rocking chair with hand knitted throw light gray area rug coffee table with brass legs


Let’s talk about the tone. Scandinavian decor always goes to the series of light color hues to bring a minimalist, simple, and clean-line look, but it isn’t wrong if other hues are selected for this design. Gray, for example, looks simply elegant and modern. The color also fits any variants of hue including the poppy, earthy, or even bold ones.

You may add textural color to floors and walls – a great idea to make a statement of room. Choose the bold colors and striking patterns for more interesting statement.

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