Ten Shabby Chic Cabinet Ideas, The Inspirations for Stylish but Classic Home Decor Fans

vintage display cabinet in light grey with glass panelings and wooden buttons details YellowDoor

Shabby chic now becomes one of most popular trends in the world. Although it’s old-fashioned, shabby chic is still gonna be used for years after. It’s also often related to eclectic look in which it is a perfect combination of antiques and feminine floral motifs, lace, and even pastels. Such idea is also called the vintage chic or country chic.

It’s so lucky if you are the shabby chic lover. This vintage decorating idea is inexpensive and easy to afford, and basically it’s identical with antique furniture use. This means, you can buy them cheaply, or at least you can afford them in lower cost. With low budget, the shabby chic home decor can give you a satisfying result.

Well, if you’re so interested in shabby chic style, check the following ideas of shabby display cabinets. Probably these cabinets will be your inspirations for displaying your precious Chinese porcelains, silvers, or even other expensive antiques.

Antique with Rustic Appeal

Probably we can call it a corner shabby chic cabinet with rustic feel. It’s obvious that the cabinet’s primary material is the organic wooden. With darker finish, it looks naturally interesting, giving a contrasting visual against the clean lines interior.

Charming White Accented by Handcrafting Details

All white finish on this cabinet seems making monotone look. Accent it with handcrafting details inserted along the cabinet’s doors and use other old-fashioned pieces as the highlights. This window shutter and side table are the examples.

Vertical Wood-Panelings as the Accents

Redesign your old basic wardrobe by adding vertical wood-panelings as most stylish door. It’s free to choose the panel colors, consider using the colors that fit the basic facade’s tone. Also remember to select the schemes precisely referred to the eclectic themes.

Grey is Fine, the Design’s Details are the Importance

Eclectic style isn’t always pastels. Light grey can create very distinctive tone directing to shabby chic or vintage. But, it needs to be supported by the old-look design. This display cabinet, for instance, is physically designed in vintage, exposing the clear glass paneling and the obvious wooden buttons as the importance.

Handmade Finish for Wardrobe

It’s not easy to get this unique color scheme applied on the wardrobe. It’s the handmade and uses the oldest Provencal method. The homeowner says the finishing is made of wood ash (you can get it from the chimney) that then is mixed with the binder of acrylic. The paste then is applied on the wardrobe.

Play with Classic Details

I love this armoire. It’s full of handcrafting details. About the design, it’s so simple but rich in visual appearance. The color combination is also awesome, contrasting the dark and glowing wood color for the accent. The armoire looks great with this furniture setting.

Vintage that Brings Rustic Theme

cool shabby armoire in blue

S Malone44

This armoire is exactly fantastic. It also gives rustic and vintage as well. I definitely look the beauty behind this shabby appearance, and the color makes it so obvious among the green walls.

Shabbily Deep Color for Buffet 

I love the corner buffet accented by a hand-painted picture in the center, but I love more the buffet next to it. The color powerfully creates a shabbily deep blue tone, and in the center it has the darker brown background, a perfect space for displaying lots of colorful antiques.

Make Your Old Cabinet as the Direct Point

When we’re focusing on this old cabinet, we will ask is it just for the rolls of tissue? Whatever the purpose, the design obviously presents a vintage piece. With clear glass panel and shabby white frames, the cabinet looks so adorable in this bathroom.

Still Stunning even though just be Secondary Piece

If you want to create a shabby chic bathroom, it’s much better to complete the space with all vintage pieces. Not merely the fixtures, some furniture sets are also purposed as the secondary pieces that beautifully garnish the room. The narrow cabinet and the ornate firebox are the examples.

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