Ten Admirable Skinny Side Tables

wooden side tables with under shelving unit Volv Me

Skinny side tables are one of best solutions for small rooms. They’re tricky but important to include as the secondary pieces for improving the primary furnishing pieces. The application has to be flexible, so they can fit any furniture in any cases. Since they’re simple and skinny, probably they’re also a good idea to experience the use of cheap & practical side tables instead of expensive ones that maybe we’re gonna get lost with those things.

Improve the Value with Unique X-Base

skinny side table with white x base and wooden top shelf black contemporary table lamp

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X-base doesn’t only allow you to have more space around the table, it also give an additional style to your room. This side table idea, for instance, offers two contrasting parts, the base and shelf, with different finish. It can be said, this furnishing pieces look like a wooden shelf and supporting X-base which then are integrated as one main unit. Creative and interesting!

Simple Yet Impressive with Wooden and Accent Colors

skinny natural side table with accenting color drawer

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If you love the natural scent and want to make it exists in your lovely home, choose such natural wood for the furnishing items, including your side table. To meet your modern personal taste & life style, add some pop of colors on them and make the colors as the color accents.

Again! Bring Atmosphere of Nature just with A Simplified Light Wood Piece

vintage style wood side table with gold toned legs

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Light wood piece like this small side table is always charming to any home interior designs. It’s wrong if we have an assumption that such kind of furnishing piece just fits most eclectic interior ideas. It’s gonna be a focal point if we place it in non-eclectic themes, it’s gonna be the only one vintage-designed wood piece, I think.

Playful Wooden Pieces for Clean Line & Natural Look

wooden side tables with under shelving unit

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There are so many finishes & dimension options of wooden side tables. Just choose the most precise one that fits your room. About the design and details, consider some requirements that meet the grand concept. Trust me, it’ll work optimally.

Compact Skinny Side Table in Vintage

vintage style wooden side tables with obvious handlers and pointed legs

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It’s lovely to have such skinny side tables. The grand design is adopted from vintage for a stylish eclectic look. The design emphasizes on old-fashioned details like the pointed legs and obvious handlers on each drawer. Compact shape on head also visualizes the most common vintage style. Beautiful!

Wooden & Round Top, Gorgeous Complementary Item for Any Rooms

gorgeous organic side table with round top and blunt legs

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Round top becomes another option if you get bore with compact or other common shapes of side tables. Still about wooden, this one is made of organic wood without any finishes, so it’s so naturally genuine, obviously representing the values of nature, particularly the values of real & fresh trees.

Wonderful Simply Side Table with White Finishing

white finishing side table with gold accents on legs and drawers' bottom

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Overall, its mid century modern design is very common, but it looks more interesting with gold accent additions, and light wood furnishing pieces are the best pairs for this kind of smaller table. This idea is ordinarily used for most numbers of Scandinavian interior ideas.

Extra Ordinary Unique Design! The Round Top Supported by Thin Stick

fun skinny side table with blue round top and wood stick support & bottom


Probably, this side table is really unique in shape. The table has a round top that’s supported by a thin wood stick & T-shaped bottom for good settlement. Unluckily, it seems like a decorative piece instead of practical one for huge functional purposes. Why? Based on the construction, the table just could accommodate light-weight things, consider not willing to put your coffee/tea cups there.

Not just the Design, Highlight Your Side Table with Pop of Yellow

admirable trendy side table with yellow layered tops


Not only the design, but also need to accent your side table by finishing it with favorite pop of colors like yellow. Yellow is fun and bright, matching for such admirable side table. It’s gonna be much more perfect if we still expose the origin of organic wood as the main material. Yellow here is just for each stray of layered table’s tops.

Impressive! Tables with Integrated Trays for Multi Purposes

impressive skinny side tables with integrated trays and drawers


It’s amazing if you select such impressive side tables for your small rooms. They’re narrow and equipped with a couple of integrated trays for many purposes. The trays are made of gold-toned metal and designed in circular shape for the base, the great solutions for putting the cups of coffee/ tea or the cigarette ashes.

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