Tens of Color Ideas for Small Bathrooms

small eclectic bathroom in traditional style freestanding bathtub in white with gold toned shower fixtures blue finish bathroom vanity with cream top undermount sink terracotta tiles floors and side w Epoch Cabinetry For The Home

Rooms’ colors feel like the overall design option. For seasoning the space, discovering the most perfect brightness, light, and pattern must be the crucial point, especially for the smaller or space-limited spaces like the bathrooms. Whatever colors you’re choosing, find tips and inspirations in the following colors for small bathroom ideas.

white painted trim white bathroom vanity with marble countertop white cabinets aquatic blue tiles floors very light blue wall painting wood woven chair

Images Meredith

The bathroom’s trim is also part of color. Either it’s stained or painted, it’s better to paint the areas nearest the trim, so you can see the obvious contrast on the trims themselves and other objects surround. Don’t forget to select the colors that complement each other. It needs to pick particular color schemes that can create the larger visual effect like white, soft schemes, and light neutrals.

beautiful shower curtains pop of yellow furniture pieces white bathtub white subway tiles walls light grey floors white painted walls

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Accessories can be added as the complementary elements that produce other colors or patterns in a small bathroom. This shower curtain, for instance, can be the effective way to give a contrasting color as the focal point, or if you believe that the curtain isn’t interesting, make other objects stand out by their color, and let them blend well with the curtain and interior facade. These furniture pieces, for example.

white bathroom vanity with radiant blue buttons radiant blue wallpaper stripped trash can chrome towel hang

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Perhaps, you feel that your bathroom is one of the most private and inspired spots, so you want to make it as a welcomed, vivid, and bright for your mood. As you know, different tones are able to create different feelings and sensations. It’s important to think twice about what tones you’re gonna take for your small bathroom. Consider to review range of options, proportions, boldness, and brightness. And, make sure that you’ve selected the best color combination for your bathroom.

mixed neutral bathroom white ceilings white walls broken white bathroom vanity with glass cabinets' door and marble countertop frameless mirror white toilet

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If you dislike too much color, you can keep using your favorite neutral colors, but play them for more interesting tones. You can mix & match the selected colors. Paint off the ceilings on white, and pick the broken white (or warmer white) for walls and furnishings. This combination surely produces a crisp and bright look.

Most interior designers say, for the small bathrooms, keep your walls in the same color with your furniture pieces such as the sink cabinets, bathroom vanity, chair, or even the fixtures. This idea will possibly seem the space twice in size.

To keep your small bathroom cheery and attractive, make sure that your color choice has the right Light Reflectance Value or LRV. The higher level of LRV, more light that’s reflective in room. By contrast, the lower level of LRV, more color can absorb the light, so the room will seem dimmer.

Want to know how to create an accent in your small bathroom? Use the playful color to your primary bathroom pieces like your bathroom vanity. Use other pop of colors to optimize accessories’ performance like this colorful traffic light, mat, and even shower curtain.

Dark isn’t for small rooms. It’s totally wrong. When it’s contrasted with soft & bright, the dark tone can make the small rooms more intimate and cozier.

If you love something traditional and simple, square-tiled bathroom sounds great to try. The white color dominating the space creates clean, and black-stained fixtures accent it very well.

scandinavian bathroom design white brick walls morrocan tiled floors white toilet a pair of white sinks flat paneled wood cabinets white bathtub

Beivide Studio

Add particular patterns on floors to give an accented element in your small bathroom. This kind of tiles floors doesn’t affect the space size. It can work when the tiles are combined with brightly white interior like this brick wall system and bathroom fixtures.

Give the textures and feel the visual sensation every time you’re visiting your small bathroom. You can make them as the special value that probably never be found in other bathroom designs.

Soft and warm palette. If you want to give a balanced scheme to your small bathroom, use clean white and light wood as the primary palettes. Why? These two colors reflect a contrasting meaning like clean white for cold visual sensation, and light wood for warm feeling. Figure out to apply them in good proportion.

Fun your eyes with such textured pebbles and hardwood finishings applied on your small bathroom. The pebbles floors give the special texture and pattern, while the hardwood top exposes the organic element surfaced on the vanity. The walls, in addition, uses light wood panels for achieving warmer and cozier look.

Want to have a new variant of country style bathroom? Add porcelain tiles floors to accent your calm and mute bathroom. Pick the classic patterns and pair them off with grey vanity. This floor choice surprisingly will make your vanity stands out.

The things designed in custom always suits what you need. This wallpaper, for example, looks so elegant and fits this small bathroom. Remember, not all patterns are available for small rooms, there are some particular characteristics that are applicable for those small rooms. Small-sized patterns that full of details may still be the best ones for most small rooms.

Small classic bathroom idea. It’s not recommended for you who need more storage. The design is simple and modern with dark geometric wallpaper. The white baseboard is added to create a clean lower base, and the pedestal sink is chosen to keep the space wider.

Full of glows due to the golden floral-printed wallpaper. Each detail of patterns on wallpaper really stands out when the lights start to be turned on, producing more elegant glows in the bathroom. It’s beautiful.

It’s challenging to select dark color schemes like bold grey, grey, and even black as the primary tone of small bathroom, but be careful to implement them in right way and proportion. Use some light & bright schemes as the complementary components. It’s also necessary to use the dark schemes’ gradations like this small bathroom. I honestly like the walls’ color that’s similar to the ceilings, and solid black tile wall background here offers an obvious contrast against these two white bathroom fixtures.

Floating furniture and fixture is one of the best solutions to make a small bathroom looks larger. Why? It can still expose the space under each furniture and fixture pieces, and can be the instant way to show the floor tiling off.

Narrow but complex in function. This space scopes all components like walk-in shower, bathtub, and even double bathroom vanity. Marble dominates on top and wood is mastering the bottom spots like floors and vanity-cabinets. This natural wood exactly offers a bit warmth, a good choice for a warmer look. Also, I like the black details filling this white bathroom.

Clean lined and modern. The floating vanity with dark wood countertop gives a contrast, combining something natural and fabricated. The walls accented by large & round mirror also brings natural look in this small modern bathroom.

If you love lots of crowds, use patterns as the detail. You may apply them on tiled floors or bathroom mat. Or create a direct interest on your subway tiles walls like this blue fish wall art. The elements with pattern and color details can give special ‘texture’ and tone that easily break the monotone.

You can also make non-primary bathroom elements as the focal points or the accents such as the pendants and the window blinds. Make them so stunning by their playful color. Pop of colors are so recommended to brighten up these complementary stuffs.

Use the practical interior elements for supporting the bathroom performance. The corner shelf and the recessed shelves, for instance, are best choices to accommodate your shower needs like shampoo, soap, toothpaste, hair conditioner, and many others. No need a bigger storage solution anymore.

Create the organic wood and hard texture as the main interest of bathroom. In this midcentury modern bathroom, it’s obvious that the size is the matter, but it isn’t gonna a big matter if you rightly play it with the special texture and organic element (like the original hardwood). The hardwood vanity designed in mid century modern style, for instance, is quite beautiful when it’s combined with the hard-textured herringbone tiles walls, presenting a natural and modern appeal as well.

Make your bathroom so essential by equipping it with the most effective fixtures. It’s okay to fill the space merely with a unit of toilet and shower fixtures. About the interior, it’s fine to choose softer dark scheme like this grey for your bathroom. Complete the space with a recessed shelf for an effective storage solution. And, use glass separator to prevent the spraying water splashes over the dry area nearest the toilet.

Raw rustic is rarely used for small bathroom designs due to its dominant dark color schemes applied in the space, leading a tendency of narrower visual effect. Yet, you can adopt rustic to your small bathroom in right proportions. This bathroom design, for instance, exposes how exotic it is. The light limestone tiles seem balance the crowds of bold-toned mosaic tiles walls, and the vanity and sink really present the original raw rustic.

Simple and practical powder room is one of best solutions to make your bathroom visually looks smaller. Just with a piece of wood and a glass vessel, now you’re having a cool and practical bathroom vanity. No cabinets, no shelves. Garnish it with radiant aquatic blue tiles for the background.

Don’t limit your creativity just because of the limitation. This narrow bathroom, for example, keeps charming and cozy with the blue tiles and wood accent.

Love this alcove that consists of a walk-in shower and sink. It’s impractical but full of simplicity. Quite matched for a limited-space bathroom.

Small but eclectic, a nice idea for textured and colored bathroom. To connect to theme, it’s better to use light blue and white as the primary color scheme. These colors surely assist the creation of larger visual effect.

Add your tiny bathroom with something unique you love the most. Vintage appeal, for instance, works perfectly in this bathroom. It’s clearly spotted on shower’s tiles wall, vanity, and vanity’s lace skirt. Classic!

A Scandinavian bathroom featuring white subway tiles walls and black mosaic floors. The interior is fully designed in black-white schemes, exposing clean look and modern. The floating sink and under-wood piece shelf, additionally, provide a stylish and practical storage unit.

Give an obvious accent to such white bathroom interior for breaking the calm & monotone look. Use another little thing with different obvious tone as another accent. This monochrome-stripped towel, for example.

small modern bathroom mix colorful tiles wall background amoeba shaped mirror smaller wall mounted sink white toilet

PBH Construction

If you like something unique for your tiny bathroom, this idea may be one of the best designs to adopt. Mix colorful tiles on wall and Amoeba-shaped vanity mirror assist to give an incredible pop of space. A smaller wall-mounted sink here becomes the crucial element as well as the space saver.

small farmhouse bathroom concrete made sink supported by hardwood white toilet vertical siding baseboard wood framed mirror smaller window with shutters


An idea of small barn-style bathroom. Concrete sink supported by original hardwood becomes the main point that obviously exposes the barn house concept, and the vertical siding baseboard refers to most typical farmhouse design.

Natural and fabricated. It must be the uniqueness if we implement both natural and fabricated elements as the same important keys in the bathroom. The hardwood wall background inserted with a mirror and a couple of modern vanity lamps has produced a clean line space with much of natural touch, but when a green stand-sink is added, the sink has transformed into a pop of vanity idea that optimally complements the mirror as well as the wood wall.

Be confident to mix and match two contrasting color schemes for your narrow bathroom. The purple, especially this periwinkle purple scheme, creates a radiating visual effect for the white. This obviously tells us that this dimmer but bold periwinkle is able to increase the brightness level of white without reducing the periwinkle’s tone thickness.

Play with your favorite color. The purple, for example. Feature it with another color scheme that balance each other. No domination, no thicker proportion. For saving the space, select white as the complementary color and apply it in the balanced proportion. Please, notice your lighting and fixture option. Consider the best ones that meet your bathroom concept.

A half-curved walk-in shower is also interesting to save the bathroom space. We can optimize the remaining space for other essential furniture and fixture like the bathroom vanity and toilet. Make sure to apply the best layout for each element.

Use the mosaic tiles as a brilliant trick for accenting your bathroom wall. Use these tiles for creating a beautiful background, and complete it with some contrasting accessories like a small decorative hung-basket and a vivid plant.

This bathroom uses the nautical scheme for white and navy as the grand color schemes. It’s showed on the wallpaper that’s really so stunning and be a standout against the classic hexagon tiles floors, pedestal sink, and fixtures.

Playful navy blue and pattern, two kinds of values you probably want to expose more in your small bathroom. They can give a striking package for a classic but playful colored-look. Plain white hardware fixtures like toilet and pedestal sink suit this wallpaper.

This yellow-fire color scheme glows perfectly. The centered-accent window here is just a decorative item, but hugely adds a direct interest in this narrow space. The crowds of printed-skyscrapers also beautify all edges of two colors’ meet points, giving a unique wall art to this bathroom. Blue tiles on floors and white tiles on walls are purposely selected for the overall wet areas.

The wallpaper remembers us about the classic or vintage trends ever be the most popular trend for about tens-years ago, and now it’s applied perfectly for adding vintage appeal in a modern small bathroom. The centered accent window and pendant are also designed in vintage, completing a grand concept of vintage implemented in this bathroom.

Half-way wall decorating idea absolutely assists us to combine two different color schemes without worrying about lot of space use. This idea presents an effective way to expose more on soft-colored tiles and white-painted concrete as the same walls. How to decide what color for the bottom and top? It depends on fixtures you wanna install. The common white fixtures like this toilet, in obvious, matches the colored tiles walls.

small modern bathroom pop art modern orange floral wallpaper wall mount toilet white vessel with marble countertop

Ranere Design Group

Insert some pop arts to show off your modern lifestyle just through your most private room like this small bathroom. Use a very contrasting accent color like this modern orange floral wallpaper as the art’s background. Another opposite tone is also seen on another side wall, aqua blue. The blue here exists for producing the next color accent in this muted white wall panel. Interesting.

Reflect your value and style through your choice of most private room designs, including the bathroom. The line of frames for art, like in this picture, uniquely shows a simple decorating idea that brings the quality value.

small & expensive bathroom marble walls grand mirror with gold frame artistic wall decor floating farmhouse sink white toilet


Still about the wall decor like the wall framed-arts. Just pick one of your favorite arts and install it in particular spot. The grand mirror nearby, for instance, is the chosen spot where we can see the art just through the reflective mirror. Beautiful.

small victorian style bathroom white lace window curtains with green skirts vanity with green cabinets mirror with handmade crafting frame

Bacarella Interiors

Small but luxurious. The space is full of victorian details. The color choice also stands out.

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