Tete-a-tete Sofa from French, Get the Intimacy through This Furniture

Tete-a-tete sofa is a kind of sofa which is actually two units of sofa combined together in opposite direction. Two people taking a seat on it will be in opposite direction, but both are so close physically. In French, tete-a-tete means intimate dialog/ conversation. This type of furniture has interesting design. It began to be developed in 1800s.

Tete-a-tete sofa is commonly associated with some Victorian furniture or Mid-Century furniture style. The owners put the sofa as the part of living room furniture, but among of them also love to put it in a private room like bedroom and family room. As romantic-style furniture, you can use it as the best place to get extra intimacy with your beloved one.

At glance, tete-a-tete furniture looks like two single sofas which are combined into one but in opposite direction. Based on this design, actually it can also be used as some needs. The reading chair, for instance. You can spend your spare time for reading with your beloved in this chair. Even, you can discuss many things about the book you’ve read with your beloved.

And now, tete-a-tete sofa is designed in many modern style design options. You can select one that fit your interior design and color theme. Among those modern designs look like a sofa but it has two sides different direction of seating. Since it has different direction on seating, it is not suggested to be set down in a living room.

Reference: annterior.com

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