The Simplest Decor Ideas with Gray

rustic bedroom idea in light gray wood bed frame with headboard and canopy wood bed bench Scandinavian style area rug Pinterest

Decorating interiors with gray is challenging because you need to choose the color pairings in order to make the produced spaces look balanced and cohesive with other color schemes. Gray is identical with neutral color shade that’s elegant and gives the deep to subtle look. When gray is collaborated with any bold color shades, it can make those colors poppy. Also, get notice the ‘temperature’ of other colors -they cool or warm – since it can produce a big impact and create different feeling that could affect the mood of space.

Use non-high-gloss or non-semi-gloss gray – just flat gray- to create an industrial metal effect to your room.

Industrial meets metal and rustic. The space looks so ‘complicated’ but still stylish. Add a little portion of greenery to make the space fresher and natural.

To create modern feel, use simple color shades to your furniture. White and gray are the perfect choices as they could bring minimalist, simple, and modern appeal to any space, including those with minimal gray walled-rooms. The existence of hand-knitted rug here adds natural touch that softly warms-up the space.

The space feels like in jungle. There are a lot of houseplants that make the space vividly natural. The facade of interior is also dominated by medium-gray that feels warmer than the bolder one. The throw pillows also bring a big contribution to get rid of the cold visual effect commonly brought by most gray shades.

The designer takes Scandinavian style as the main concept for this living room, but gray is added as the primary color tone of room. All interior items and facade of room are dominated with gray – giving a medium-intense dark visual impact, but a light wood ladder storage and white shag rug have brought some light and warm look.

modern living room design light gray wall leather couch in modern style industrial style coffee table with wood top and hairpin legs moroccan area rug


Light gray is able to make other color shades more stunning. This leather couch, for instance, looks beautifully bold – exposing the leather’s real tone.

Dark nuance is obviously brought by metal and interior’s tone presented by wall paint. It seemingly feels so rigid and cold but the lighting has softly warmed up the space.

Light gray featuring shabby blue color shade – The color combination apparently balances each other and it seems that gray gives unique background for such a vintage-style piece.

concrete like wall painting leather chair with hairpin legs knitted throw blanket in green cowhide area rug


Light gray is also a good option for producing concrete-like finish, but it needs to have additional color shade like splashes of white to create a textural color as similar as the concrete has.

Gray in rustic decor idea feels so calm yet cold; only wood element could give the sense of warmth.

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